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Welcome to Spirits Journey radio! Our mission is to bring you spiritual wisdom in a practical, down to earth manner. In our 3 years of doing the radio show we have travelled beyond the physical realm to explore such topics as reincarnation, astrology, dreams, alternative mind-body health, quantum physics, karma, relationships, Atlantis, numerology, and much more! 

We bring metaphysical concepts to a practical level so that you can apply them to your life. We also have been joined by guest experts from all walks of life to give you a broader perspective of all that lies beyond. Be prepared to let go of what you thought was reality! 

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Spirits Journey 2019-05-11

Reinvent Yourself with Kellie Kuecha

Kellie Kuecha is no stranger to the world of business. Her journey into entrepreneurship began at the ripe age of 12 and she has been building businesses ever since. She has defied all the odds both in life and in business and has mastered the ability to turn adversities into advantages. She has coached tens of thousands of women worldwide and her branding and business strategies have landed several of her clients on the NY Times Bestsellers list. We delve deep in this interview to discuss the mind’s role in the health of the body and our past lives’ role our life lessons. You can reach her at Facebook.com/kkuecha.

Spirits Journey 2019-05-04

Discover Your Life Purpose

What are you here to do? This is a question that has perplexed humans for hundreds of years. It seems like there are many possible answers to this question. Join Patrick and Kathryn in a deep exploration of this essential human spiritual topic. Learn to use intuitive guidance to help answer this question for yourself.

Spirits Journey 2019-04-27

Happiness Coach Robert Mack

Robert Mack is an ivy-league-educated Celebrity Happiness Coach, Positive Psychology Expert, Published Author of Happiness from the Inside Out, and TV Host/Personality for OWN and E! We had a great conversation about what happiness is and how we can actively create happiness in our lives. In addition to hosting and producing “Good Morning LaLa Land” – a daily, live-streaming morning show focused on positivity and empowering women – Robert is a featured on-camera expert & consulting producer for “Mind Your Business” on OWN Network and a Celebrity Love Coach for “Famously Single” on E! Network. Robert’s work has been endorsed by Oprah and many others. Robert will also be a presenter at the upcoming Reignite Your Light Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, June 22-23. Check it out at www.reigniteyourlightevents.com

Spirits Journey 2019-04-20

Sacred Sites with Joelle St Germaine

Joelle is a teacher, event coordinator, producer, coach, and gifted healer in areas such as reflexology, cranial sacral, Reiki, Thetahealing, the seven healing rays, and more. Joelle shared some of her experiences at various sacred sites around the world, such Stone Henge and Lourdes, France. She clarified how the sacred sites can heal and transform people, and she has called upon the energies from these sites to help others embrace their authentic selves. Joelle is a presenter at the upcoming Reignite Your Light Summit in Ft. Lauderdale, June 22-23. Check it out at www.reigniteyourlightevents.com

Spirits Journey 2019-04-13

Aramaic Forgiveness Process with Dr. Michael Ryce

Dr. Michael Ryce is the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark Mountains. He is a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy. The focus of his studies has combined body-mind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness.

Spirits Journey 2019-04-06

Amber Lilyestrom- From Near Death Experience to Transformational Coach

Our guest Amber Lilyestrom, transformational branding strategist and business coach, author and speaker, shared her amazing life journey. She has healed herself from sexual abuse as a child, an eating disorder and a workaholic mentality to feel gratitude and peace in her life. It was a near death experience back in 2013 that pushed her to let go of her busy professional career in marketing to focus on raising her daughter and starting her own business. She offered insights into the top 3 self-limiting beliefs that she sees people struggle with in their pursuit of their dreams and strategies to overcome them.

Spirits Journey 2019-03-30

Tiffany Cano – Healer and Empath

Tiffany Cano, founder of Highly Perceptive People Academy, shared with us her journey in the healing and metaphysical realm that began when she was 8 years old. Tiffany explained how she helps people see their blind spots and then fixes them so they can reach their full potential. She guided us through a process to check our financial prosperity level and offered listeners a free prosperity gift that can be accessed on her website.

Spirits Journey 2019-03-23

Spring Into Spring Foods with Teresa Padilla

Our guest Teresa Padilla shared her knowledge about how to promote health in the spring season. Teresa revealed the best foods to eat in spring, and how to cleanse the body with a great liver cleanse recipe. The role of the liver was highlighted and exercises and foods to stimulate the liver functions were shared. Connect with Teresa at Five Element Foodies on Facebook.

Spirits Journey 2019-02-16

Robin Rose – Messenger of Mother Mary

Our guest Robin Rose is a spiritual coach, light worker, and spirit event/retreat leader. Robin shared the energies she has been made aware of for 2019 and how the angels play into that. We talked extensively about Lourdes France, and the amazing healing and spiritual energies that are available there. Robin discussed the spiritual retreats she holds, and the role of Mother Mary in her retreats.

Spirits Journey 2019-02-09

Special Guest Traci Bray – Medium

We had special guest, Traci Bray. She is a medium and psychic. We discussed how she discovered her abilities and the path she took to develop her psychic powers. She is certified by Windbridge and worked with the Forever Family Foundation. Traci shared some profound wisdom she has gleaned from the readings that she has done. She also shared insights about the coming year ahead.

Spirits Journey 2019-02-02

A Course in Miracles with Kerry Leigh

We had on special guest, Kerry Leigh. Kerry is a longtime friend of ours who has been working with A Course in Miracles and Mindshifters with Michael Ryce for many years. Today we talked about what a miracle is, love and fear, projections, forgiveness and how the original new testament is actually in Aramaic. Fascinating show!

Spirits Journey 2019-01-19

A Conversation with Julie Benois-Sage

On this show we talk with Julie Benois-Sage about her jewelry lines with Wandering Star Jewelry. We discuss how she started out and how this custom jewelry can help you in your life. We covered astrology and how it relates to your life purpose as well as essential oils and how oils can help you live a happier, healthier life.

Spirits Journey 2019-01-12

An Afternoon with Garnet Schulhauser

Are you interested in what happens on the Spirit Side between lifetimes? Garnet Schulhauser discusses his many adventures with his guide, Albert, where he got to meet the Council of Wise Ones, Gaia, Muhammad, Jesus Christ and many others. This wisdom is especially important today with the many challenges that we currently face on our planet.

Spirits Journey 2018-12-29

Astrological Predictions for 2019

This show opens with a numerological forecast for 2019. We discuss the Universal Year number for 2019, and how it will impact the world. There are many astrological events in 2019 that will change the world, such as Uranus entering Taurus. All of the eclipses are in water signs, which will enhance our intuition. Planet by planet we discuss the major astrological events.

Spirits Journey 2018-12-22

Winter Tips for Finances and Food

Today we had on special guests Dave Womack and Teresa Padilla. In the first half hour Dave shares spiritual principles of your finances. He discusses the psychology of money and how we can better align ourselves with financial energy. Teresa shares seasonal food recommendations for the winter season after the break. She includes some insight about how seasonal foods work.

Spirits Journey 2018-12-08

Our Right to Free Choice

This show is about our right to choose what we put in our bodies and our right to share what we believe with others. There are ongoing efforts to police “fake news” on the Internet, but unfortunately, this is being used to censor people who are in the minority opinion. We each share the responsibility to protect our right to free speech, even on the Internet.

Spirits Journey 2018-12-01

The Power of Focus and Gift Giving Ideas

This show is on how we can use the power of focus to keep us relaxed and on track during the holiday season. We will discuss alternative gift ideas that you can use this year to provide a deeper spiritual experience for the ones you love. This will be based on the astrological influences and the four elements. We will also provide some health tips for this time of year.

Spirits Journey 2018-11-25

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