Astrology is the study of the planets and how they affect cycles and patterns on Earth as well as within people. At birth, the planetary configurations imprint certain personality traits on us.

A natal chart, a map of the sky at our birth, reflects who we can become based on our strengths, talents, weaknesses, abilities, and challenges. Astrology readings also reveal positive personality traits as well as negative attitudes we have developed in past lives.

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This level 3 course covers relationship astrology, our wounds and the healing, vocation and career, aspects.  Class meets every other week for 5 sessions, 2.5 hours each session. Register $170

A natal astrology reading will reveal your life purpose,  talents, and challenges. The position of the planets and zodiac signs will also reveal in-depth information about your career, relationships, family, finances, health, spiritual path, creativity, communication style, and your emotional nature. This reading is recommended if you aren’t sure of your life purpose and need more guidance.
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A future astrology reading looks at the movement of the planets and how this is currently affecting you. This detailed reading combines information from progressions, transits, and a solar return chart. This reading is recommended if you already have a firm grasp on your life purpose, but aren’t sure how to proceed. Unlike a psychic reading, a progressed astrology reading presents potential possibilities, and it is up to the person to make choices to bring about the future he or she desires.
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A combined natal and future astrology reading looks at the personality characteristics imprinted at birth, including information about your style of communication, nurturing tendencies, relationship preferences, career ambitions, spiritual foundation, and more. This information is then looked at in relationship to the progressions, transits and solar return chart so you can see how those energies will interact with your natal chart. It is important to understand the potential and desires of the natal influences to understand how a person will react to the changing planetary energies.

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An astrological compatibility reading is a specialized reading that compares the charts of two people in several ways. Each chart is first interpreted individually to understand the basic of each person and how the two people are similar and different. Next we look at how the planets on each chart affect the other, and the dynamics that are created when the planets interact. Lastly we examine the composite chart which reveals the purpose of the two people and how they can best fulfill their destiny. This reading is recommended if you are experiencing relationship challenges, or if you aren’t sure if a particular person is beneficial for you.
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Astrocartography is a locational astrology system that maps where the planets were located all over the world at the time of an individual’s birth. This information helps you understand what geographical locations would be best for you based on various criteria, such as money, career, romance, health and more. Most people use astro- cartography to choose a place to live, but you can also use this method to choose a vacation spot. Depending on your situation, the price varies, beginning at $60.00. For more complicated searches, the price will be slightly higher.

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Readings are done via Zoom, phone, or in person. Or you may elect to receive the recording only (MP3 format).

Reading sessions range from 60-120 minutes. 

You will receive your chart and a recording of the session (MP3 format)

After you pay for your reading, send your birth date (month, day, year), time of birth (hour and minute), and city and state (or country) of birth, in an email to: Kathryn will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your reading.

Order a Future Astrology  Reading within 1 month of your Birthday and receive a special discount.

Future Astrology Birthday Special Reading

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