Past Life Reading

A past life reading begins with a summary of the past life most relevant to the present one, usually a lifetime in which the requester held similar thoughts and attitudes. The reading includes information about the period, country, gender and name of the requester.

By comparing past and present life experiences, we may see similarities in karma. This may help us learn and evolve beyond the past lifetime and avoid repeating mistakes and self-imposed limitations. A facilitator (conductor) guides the reader (intuitive reporter), who is in an unconscious state. This technique, similar to the one Edgar Cayce used, yields higher quality and accuracy.

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Health Reading

A health reading includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies, and identifies difficulties. We offer suggestions to help the requester heal both mind and body.

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Past Life Relationship Reading

A past life relationship reading includes the elements of a past life reading as well as a description  of a lifetime shared by two people, revealing why the partners were brought together again in a subsequent life. The reading emphasizes what the partners may learn from each other as well as the dynamics of their relationship.

Choose someone with whom you feel a close connection—a family member or close friend—as your past life relationship partner. (A casual acquaintance may not generate a past relationship with significant lessons.)

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Business Reading

A business reading includes the purpose of the business, the mindset of those involved, the business culture and the state of the business’s physical entities. We offer suggestions to correct disorder. The business reading is best used when a business has its own identity. If the business is conducted under your name or your questions are career related a health reading works best.

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We also offer Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology readings, Iris analysis and Family birth order Analyses. Click here to learn more about these readings.