We offer 4 different types of Intuitive readings; Past Life, Health, Past Life Relationship, and Business. These readings are not psychic readings that  foretell the future, but rather they focus on the past and the present. We recognize that each person has free will, and so the future is not set in stone. Your thoughts create your future, and therefore a change in your thoughts today will create a different tomorrow. A facilitator (conductor) guides the reader (intuitive reporter), who is in an unconscious state. This technique, similar to the one Edgar Cayce used, removes interference from the conscious mind, thus yielding a high level of accuracy.

Past Life ReadingBy comparing past and present life experiences, we may see similarities in karma. This may help us learn and evolve beyond the past lifetime and avoid repeating mistakes and self-imposed limitations. The reading begins with a summary of the past life most relevant to the present one, usually a lifetime in which the requester held similar thoughts and attitudes. The reading includes information about the period, country, gender and name of the requester.   PURCHASE A PAST LIFE READING $297

Health Reading:  This reading includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies, and identifies difficulties. We offer suggestions to help heal both mind and body.


Past Life Relationship Reading: This reading includes the elements of a past life reading as well as a description  of a lifetime shared by two people, revealing why the partners were brought together again in a subsequent life. The reading emphasizes what the partners may learn from each other as well as the dynamics of their relationship. The reading includes information about the period, country, and genders of the two people. Choose someone with whom you feel a close connection (A casual acquaintance may not generate a past relationship with significant lessons.) PURCHASE A PAST LIFE RELATIONSHIP READING $297

Business Reading:  This reading includes the purpose of the business, the mindset of those involved, the business culture and the state of the business’s physical entities.  The business reading is best used when a business has its own identity. If the business is conducted under your name or your questions are career related, a health reading works best.VET


SPECIAL VETERAN PROGRAM: We understand the devastating impact that war has on our mental, emotional, and physical health. Therefore, to honor those who have served, we offer our intuitive readings for free. Each veteran may request 2 free readings per year. If you are a veteran, or know someone who is that you think would benefit from our readings, have them send us an email to: We will respond with the steps to take and walk you through the process.


  • You may be present on zoom for your reading. We will contact you after receiving your form to schedule your reading. 
  • You may ask up to 7 questions per reading. 
  • You will receive a CD and/or MP3 of your reading

Our readings are for informational purposes only. By providing the information contained in the readings, we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating or preventing any type of disease or medical condition. It is advisable to seek the advice of  a licensed healthcare professional.



I am a better human because I had the good fortune to find a resource such as Kathryn. She is a wise, kind and talented teacher and an exceptionally insightful coach. Over the past 15 years I have connected with her when I needed extra assistance in getting clarity around important life topics and events. Early on I took her classes and read her books, all of which have been not only helpful but life changing. (And that’s not hyperbole – I mean every word!)

Recently, Kathryn created a solar return (and birth) chart for me and facilitated a reading over the phone. With the insights she gave me (and there were many), I was able to click into place a few important life puzzle pieces. And within hours of her reading, I put a couple of her recommendations into action and had some pretty cool karmic experiences occur. One of them had to do with my lesson of being able to draw effective boundaries. This is something I have struggled with as my kindness can attract people who take advantage of me. Armed with Kathryn’s notes, I responded to a pretty extraordinary and troublesome individual in a way that felt much better to me…and it was relatively easy to do. What a breakthrough!

She also helped me understand that now is the time for me to “think big” as it relates to my mission and life purpose. That prompted me to create my epitaph and really focus on the impact my life will have had on others and the world after I’ve departed and what I truly what to create and attract in my life now. It led to some further tweaking of my nonprofit’s purpose, and a clearer vision for how I can be of best service to others. Kathryn’s interpretation of my solar return was an excellent catalyst in providing me the direction I needed…and when I needed it most. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance in their personal or professional life. Invest in yourself and make an appointment for one of Kathryn’s readings. She is the real deal!


Des Moines, Iowa

Life Purpose Student Reading