The Mirror Effect




This workshop is for anyone desiring to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, as seen through the mirror of others.  We will explore the many ways our Relationships are tied to our life purpose. This is a hands on class where you will complete various assessments and questionnaires to understand how the dance you do with others is your key to spiritual evolution. You can keep doing the same dance, or you can change the dance and allow a new path of growth to emerge.  We will also engage in various exercises to get to the root of conflicts and see how you are the cause of everything, and therefore are the key to resolving any challenge.  

  • Karmic bonds and the purpose of your relationships
  • Toxic relationship patterns and how to break free of them
  • The Mirror Process will show you how others provoke you and how to gain self-awareness from these triggers
  • Conflict resolution process
  • Learn how your astrological influences reveal your patterns and blind spots that are played out in your dance with others
  • Breathwork session 
  • Optional past life relationship readings (free for those that attend both days, or $100 for those that attend 1 day)
  • How to use Numerology and Astrology to understand your purpose with friends, family and others 
  • Release family struggles and break negative ties

Dates: Saturday, March 25th 9:30-5, Saturday April 1st, 9:30-5

Cost: $250 (includes astrology chart)

Location: Fairchild Wellness Center, Overbrook, KS


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