“Position Yourself for a Raise” 5 Day Challenge




Do you feel you are worth more than what you are receiving at work?

Are you an underearning entrepreneur?

Are you currently looking for a way to contribute to the world?

  • You probably already put a lot of effort and time into serving others. You may feel you could do even more, if you were appropriately compensated.
  • If any of the above match your current situation, I’ve got the perfect solution: the FREE 5 DAY CHALLENGE “How To Position Yourself For a Raise.” This is not your typical money making strategy event, but rather approaches the problem from the inside out.

You are going to receive awesome guidance, exercises and strategies to get yourself into a position to “receive” a raise. In addition, I’ll be giving away FREE PRIZES!

Challenge Dates:  November 4-8. 

Once you sign up for the challenge, you will need to join the Discover Your Life Purpose Facebook Group, which is where the challenge will take place. HERE IS THE LINK TO JOIN THE GROUP.




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