Discover Your Life Purpose Introduction




Thursday, June 9th 

7-8:30 pm 

ZOOM (link will be emailed to participants after registering). 

Iris Analysis + Astrology + Numerology + Palmistry + Past Lives + Birth order = YOU!

 Learn about a breakthrough method to understand your gifts and challenges to get a full view of your soul’s purpose.   Kathryn Andries, author of Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, will introduce you to  an incredible  journey of personal discovery.  We will explore the most powerful 6 influences: Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Iridology, Birth Order and Past Lives.  You will see how each method reveals our true purpose, and how some famous people have used these influences to create success and help the world. You’ll never look at yourself the same again! 


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