Soul Evolution

Are you ready to make some big leaps in your Spiritual Growth? This program is designed to help you understand your karma, gifts, and evolutionary patterns of unfoldment. 

What’s include in the Soul Evolution Program: 


By comparing past and present life experiences, we may see similarities in karma. This may help us learn and evolve beyond the past lifetime and avoid repeating mistakes and self-imposed limitations. The reading begins with a summary of the past life most relevant to the present one, usually a lifetime in which the requester held similar thoughts and attitudes.


Your Evolutionary Profile: Using the tools of astrology and numerology, you will see your evolutionary patterns and how you can best use your influences to evolve.

BOOK: Owners Manual for the Mind

This book is a manual for your most important asset – your mind. With this manual you will be empowered to tap into your full potential. This comprehensive guidebook describes how the mind works, teaches you the secrets to a meaningful life, and comes complete with a trouble-shooting guide for challenging issues.

SOUL COACHING:  2×60 minute sessions

These sessions will be devoted to identifying blocks to your soul progress and what you can do to move through them. We will also focus on helping you with to manifest what you want in life, whether it be a better job, more financial abundance, or more peace.


PAST LIVES AND SOUL EVOLUTION:  This class explores the theory of reincarnation, and the purpose for our existence. We will study the journey of the soul, from Atlantis to the present time. Students will have the opportunity to obtain a past life reading which will serve as a guide for self-awareness.

UNIVERSAL LAWS AND TRUTHS:  Learn the laws of the universe and how they function. Knowledge of the laws brings us the power to create what we desire and maintain harmony with the universal influences. You will be given exercises to begin using the laws consciously to create what you desire in your life. Your life can change dramatically when you learn these powerful laws, such as the law of attraction and the law of prosperity.

VISUALIZATION:  When you are able to imagine what you desire you are able to create that desire. Creation begins with visualization. This course teaches the steps of visualization from the idea to the final product. Exercises and techniques will be taught to demonstrate the various visualization techniques.

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