Mind Body Healing

Our health begins in the mind. People think an average of 50,000 thoughts a day. Each one of those thoughts can cause hundreds of chemical reactions in our body. Each level of our being, the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, has different needs and desires. This programs teaches us how to understand the interaction of these factors so we can attain optimal health. 

What’s included in the Mind Body Healing program

**Intuitive Health Reading 

**2 x 60 minute Health Coaching sessions

** Online course: Mind Body Healing 


This reading includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energies, and identifies difficulties. We offer suggestions to help heal both mind and body.


This class takes you through the journey of the mind body connection and how thoughts impact our health on many levels. We will explore various alternative healing methods and how they work to support the body and mind. 


These sessions will get to the root of your health concerns and outline a path for mind body harmony. Sessions will be done via  zoom or phone. We will help you apply the information from your intuitive health reading to cause healing and transformation. 


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