Life Purpose Mastery

This program to help you gain greater awareness about you and your life purpose. Everyone has special talents waiting to emerge. Together we can uncover these talents and strategize ways that you can share them with the world. We will also look at your challenges and how to overcome them so they don’t block your talents. 

Life Purpose Mastery uses 6 unique methods:

Iris Analysis +  Astrology + Family Birth order + Palmistry +Past Lives + Numerology  = YOU!

This Program includes: 

Natal Astrology Reading: This will reveal your life purpose,  talents, and challenges. The position of the planets and zodiac signs will also reveal in-depth information about your career, relationships, family, finances, health, spiritual path, creativity, communication style, and your emotional nature.

Numerology Reading: This ancient system uses numbers to understand human nature. In this reading you will learn the vibration and nature of each number and what they reveal about your life purpose, talents, and goals as well as lessons and challenges.

Past Life Reading: This reading begins with a summary of the past life most relevant to the present one, usually a lifetime in which the requester held similar thoughts and attitudes. The reading includes information about the period, country, gender, and name of the requester. The reading will conclude with a look at the current life and what the parallels with the past life. Your life purpose will be clear as you understand your karmic lessons and talents. 

Spiritual Emotional Iridology: The eyes are the window to the soul, revealing our purpose, strengths, weaknesses, hemispheric dominance, communication style, and more! You must submit high quality photos of both eyes, or schedule for an in person reading.

Palmistry Reading: An analaysis of the palm shape, fingerprints, and lines (water, head, destiny, earth, and other significant markings) to understand your life purpose. 


Family & Birth Order Report: Our family holds they keys to so many aspects of ourselves, including our lessons, life purpose, relationship patterns, and more. This report will give you a deeper understanding of why you chose your family, and your birth order reveals your purpose within the family unit. 

BookSoul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose. This book outlines a breakthrough method to help people find their passion and purpose.



Online Course: Secret Codes of Your Life Purpose Masterclass

 This in-depth course takes participants through 6 paths of self-discovery: palmistry, numerology, astrology, past lives, family birth order, and iris analysis. This self-study course allows you to work at your own pace. 

Life Purpose Coaching:  4 x 60 minute sessions: A full review of all 6 intuitive paths, culminating in writing a life purpose statement. You will also learn methods for understanding the root cause of challenges and a method to overcome them. 

I’m ready for the Life Purpose Mastery Program $1997

I’m Ready for the BASIC Life Purpose Mastery Program $1400

The Basic Program includes: Astrology Reading, numerology reading, past life reading, family birth order report, book, 2 X 60 minute coaching sessions, and the online course “Secret Codes of Your Life Purpose Masterclass.”