Career Success

Attention visionaries, entrepreneurs, college students, unemployed, career-transitioners: It’s time to get on the right career path!

Wherever you are at in your career journey, our “outside the box” methods can help you get on track.

The Career Success Program is an 8 week program with classes, coaching, reports and readings. The goal of this program is to help you uncover your strengths, passions, challenges, and life purpose so you can create a fulfilling career! This is what you will receive:

Career Aptitude Profile:This profile highlights your strengths that can be converted into career skills. You will learn the life areas where you can best shine your talents. This profile uses the tools of astrology and numerology to see the path your soul is desiring for a career.  This session is done over zoom, phone or in person. An MP3 recording or CD will be sent following the session.

Personality and Values Profile:This profile helps you define your values and personality, which is vital information for understanding the “how” of your career. We will explore such things as whether you are better suited to work alone or in a team, with flexible hours or a set schedule, and how important job satisfaction is versus money. We will coach you using personality profiles and in depth questionnaires.  This session is done over zoom, phone or in person. An MP3 recording or CD will be sent following the session.

Current Cycles Reading: Success often depends on being at the right place at the right time. This reading will help you learn when to take action and when to sit back. You will learn what current cycles are affecting you, based on numerology and astrology profiles. Going with the flow can make all the difference in success or failure.

Intuitive Career Reading: Kathryn uses her 20 years of training as an intuitive reader to offer you this unique reading that reveals your mental strengths and weaknesses, thought patterns, and limiting beliefs. You will see the correlation between your thoughts and attitudes and your current life situation. You will have the opportunity to ask up to 7 questions. This reading will be recorded and delivered as an MP3 or CD.

Career Purpose Alignment Course:  This self-study online course will take you through every step of the career path, from getting clarity on what you want to pursue, removing the blocks to making career transition, and tips on landing the position of your dreams. Participants will learn strategies to incorporate their purpose, passion, values, and personality into a career. There are several modules to this course, with a combination of videos, slides, checklists, printable resources, activities and exercises.

3×50 minute Coaching Sessions: These personal one- on -one sessions are invaluable to help you put the pieces together. Kathryn will help you integrate the information from your reports and readings and apply it to your career.

Unlimited email support: Get your questions answered quickly with direct access to Kathryn. This support and guidance is there for you anytime.

I’m Ready for the CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAM ($1220)


(The Basic program includes Career Aptitude Profile, Values and Personality Profile, Career Purpose Alignment Course, 2 x 50 minute coaching sessions, unlimited email support.)