Healing Services

Health Coaching allows you to understand the spiritual, mental and emotional connections to your physical health. Patrick Andries is unique among heath coaches because he uses  Intuitive Health Readings as a foundation for understanding the root cause of a person’s imbalances. .

Life Purpose Coaching combines the insights of astrology, numerology, past lives, iris analysis, palmistry, and family birth order to create a comprehensive view of your life purpose. Each Session includes a chart or report, and a 60-90 minute consultation.

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Energetic Healing
Bioenergetic Healing (B.E.S.T.)
Light contact is used in key points to balance the energy throughout the mind and body. Muscle testing is used to identify key thoughts and feelings associated with the condition in the body.
Session $50 
Quantum Touch
Energetic hands-on healing technique.
1/2 hour session $50
1 hour session $80 
Intuitive Breathing

Sometimes called Rebirthing, this breathwork technique enables you to draw energy into your mind and body by working with a breath coach. As the energy enters the body it flows to where it is most needed. is a powerful form of emotional release that uses the breath as a vehicle to access stored emotions and release them.
1-2 hour session $100

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