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Past Life Relationship Class 

Are you playing out past life roles in your current relationships?

Are you  having communication difficulties?

Are you looking to attract someone new into your life? 

This workshop is for anyone desiring to gain a deeper understanding of their relationships with friends, lovers, children, co-workers, or family members. We will explore the following topics:

Relationship types and the roles we play

Karmic bonds and the purpose of your relationships 

Toxic relationship patterns and how to break free of them 

Forgiveness and healing 

Understanding why others provoke us and push our buttons, and how to use these triggers for greater self-awareness

How to take your relationship beyond the ordinary! 

Participants will receive a past life relationship reading in the class. This reading will detail a past life between two people, and the significance to the present lifetime. Only one person needs to be present for the reading, however, prior consent from the other person is required to do the reading. This reading will give you valuable information about the nature of your relationship, and where to take it next. You’ll never look at anyone the same again!

Date/Time: Saturday, November 10, 10 am – 6 pm 

Location: The Light Center, 1542 Woodson Road, Baldwin City, KS (phone 785-255-4583)

Registration: Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. Send an email to: and mail a check to: Kathryn Andries 

11922 West 66th Street, 

Shawnee, KS  66216

Course fee:  $125 without book  or $140 if you would like your book delivered to the class. 

Required book for the class is Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships. Book may be purchased through Amazon in advance, or paid for with the class. 

*** if both people who are requesting the relationship reading attend, you will receive a discounted price of $210, including 1 book per couple. ***


Past Lives and Soul Evolution Class

If you are ready for the journey of a lifetime, then join us for an exploration of reincarnation and the purpose for our existence. We will study the journey of our soul, from Atlantis to the present time. You will receive a unique past life reading which will serve as a guide for self-awareness. 

Saturday October 20th, 9-5 pm

Sunday October 21, 9-12

Location: Altus, AR

Cost: $140 (class includes a reading and CD recording, and a copy of the book Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose.)

Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. Send an email to: and mail a check to: Kathryn Andries

11922 West 66th Street,

Shawnee, KS  66216