We are proud to offer a wide variety of classes that address all areas of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. We are unique among metaphysical schools by the variety and depth of our teachings.

Our classes are divided into 2 levels: Spiritual Mastery Series – Level One, and Spiritual Mastery Series – Level Two.  Level One Spiritual Mastery classes must be completed before moving on to Level Two. Our classes are designed to aid you in your personal growth and in your quest to find your life purpose.

Classes are offered in person and online. Current offerings will have a link to register. If there is a class you are interested in but there is no link, please check back in a few weeks. We are always updating our course schedule. 

Spiritual Mastery Series Level 1 

Discover Your Life Purpose
A fascinating look at 6 intuitive sciences and what they reveal about your life purpose. You will learn about your gifts and talents, and the lessons you need to learn from astrology, numerology, palmistry, iris analysis, past lives, family and birth order. The personalized format of this course will give you the time to formulate a plan to accomplish your mission!
The ability to concentrate and focus the mind is the first step to mastering consciousness. This course will teach you methods of relaxation, breathing, memory enhancement, and the fundamentals of focusing your mind. Watch your productivity increase as you learn to master your mind! 
This class will teach you the basic fundamentals of quieting your mind and going within. You will learn the steps to successful meditation, as well as various different types of meditation. You will also practice meditation in a group setting. 
When you are able to imagine what you desire you are able to create that desire. Creation begins with visualization. This course teaches the steps of visualization from the idea to the final product. Exercises and techniques will be taught to demonstrate the various visualization techniques.

The Art of Dream Interpretation

You will learn techniques to improve dream recall and to interpret the dream symbols to understand the message being relayed. Dreams relay a myriad of information about your health, thoughts, feelings, and even the future. When you apply the messages you can enhance your life in many ways. (LIVE STREAM CLASS beginning October 25 – November 15. Thursday evenings 8:30 pm CST.)

Intuitive Development
This class is designed to awaken your intuition, sometimes referred to as your sixth sense. Exercises and partner activities will aid you to heighten your perception and stimulate your awareness. Skills such as aura and chakra reading, clairvoyance, telepathy and clairsentience will be developed. 
Universal Laws and Truths
Learn the laws of the universe and how they function. Knowledge of the laws brings us the power to create what we desire and maintain harmony with the universal influences. You will be given exercises to begin using the laws consciously to create what you desire in your life. Your life can change dramatically when you learn these powerful laws, such as the law of attraction and the law of prosperity. 
The Spiritual Significance of Relationships
Relationships can be our best teacher. In this class we will explore how to use relationships as a teacher and mirror for ourselves. We will explore our shadow self, past life bonds, karma, and projections. Students will do activities and exercises to enhance their ability to connect mentally with others, and learn how to perceive the significance of other people in their life. Students will learn ways to take their relationships beyond the realm of the ordinary with spiritual disciplines to do with a partner. Optional past life relationship readings with a significant other can be ordered for this class at a discounted price.  (LIVE CLASS November 10, 2018, 10am -6 pm, at the Light Center in Baldwin City, KS. Click here for more details. )
Health and Healing
Why do we get sick and how do we heal? The nature of health and disease will be explored, and the mind body connection will be emphasized. Students will learn the root cause of illness and how to cause permanent healing. A four-tiered level of healing including the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical will be taught through the use of Intuitive health readings. Students will learn how to use the information in these readings for self-transformation. An overview of alternative healing modalities such as bio-energetics, herbs and homeopathy will be presented. 
Past Lives and Soul Evolution
This class explores the theory of reincarnation, and the purpose for our existence. We will study the journey of the soul, from Atlantis to the present time. Students will have the opportunity to obtain a past life reading which will serve as a guide for self-awareness. 
Spiritual Mastery Series Level 2
Advanced Meditation
This class is designed for those who desire to gain a deeper proficiency of their meditation skills. This is a hands-on class where you will have the opportunity to practice various forms of meditation and learn a variety of breathing techniques.
Astral Projection
You have a natural ability to leave your body at will and return. Knowing this ability gives new meaning to your existence and understanding of life and what lies beyond.
Inner Gateways
The tattwa symbols are used as a gateway to deeper levels of consciousness than we normally have access to during the day. By learning to access these gateways you can experience these levels of consciousness first-hand and begin to incorporate the quality of each energy into your life for greater self-awareness, health, and prosperity.
The chakras are energy vortices that move energy within the mind. By learning how to perceive and direct these energy centers you can monitor your energy flows and draw upon greater amounts of energy when desired.
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is the ability to awaken your consciousness while still in the deep sleep state. Developing this ability allows you to become more productive with your sleep time by directly interpreting the inner level experience. This ability is often a prelude to an astral projection.
In this advanced course you will receive additional training the various healing techniques. As you determine the specific technique that you resonates with the most you will be able to receive training to develop your abilities.
Intuitive Breathing
Intuitive breathing is a system of breathing designed to open up the mind and free the body of negative memories and emotions. You will learn how this technique works, and experience several sessions with a trained practitioner.