20 Things that make you go hum …

  1. Authorities have closed parks and beaches, the perfect thing to make us healthy. The Sun gives us vitamin D, which is very important for immunity. The negative ions from the water help fight depression, which many are experiencing  due to the situation. 

2. Why is an ex-software developer dictating public health policy? And why does he get more air time while Dr. Erickson from California is censored?

3. Why is the head of the World Health Organization not a doctor?

4. In Michigan only essential businesses are open. Why are liquor stores and places to buy lottery tickets open? 

5.  In Michigan elective health procedures have been put on hold. However, you can get an abortion, which is especially odd at a time when the leaders in charge are taking extreme measure to save lives. 

6.  Rather than using the drug chloroquine that has been used for 70+ years to help patients with Covid, authorities think it’s safer to fast track an RNA messenger vaccine, one of the most dangerous types, bypass animal testing, and go straight to human trials. 

7.  Why can stores like Walmart and Home Depot stay open, while smaller stores that sell similar items must remain closed?

8.  Authorities say we are in this together, and we need to support one another. Then they post telephone numbers on the news to call in and report if your neighbors are breaking the quarantine. 

9.  The one most important thing we can do to protect ourselves from a virus is not mentioned by authorities in the field- Support your immune system -with things like elderberry, vitamin C, and all the other wonderful herbs and nutrients available. 

10.  Science grows and expands when we openly debate topics. Doctors and scientists from around the world are currently being censored.  Hum …

11. Healthy people are required to wear masks in certain states. This results is less oxygen coming into the body, which lowers your immune response. All breathworkers know that. Since some germs may still get through most masks, this creates a breeding ground for the germs that get trapped behind the mask. 

12. There are approximately 380 trillion viruses, and researchers have found one, COVID 19, that they tell us 95% of people will get over with little or no symptoms.  But that  is scary enough to shut down the entire world. We can tackle the other 379 billion viruses later. The current strategy is to find a way to make people immune to it. Given the fact that we are here today because we have learned to coexist with microbes, should we not learn to cooperate with them? After all, the superbugs that exist today are an example of how smart these little buggers are. We tried to kill them, but they  survived. 

13.  There are 40 trillion bacterial cells, and only 30 human cells. Clearly they outnumber us and they haven’t killed us yet, probably because we need them to survive. Should we be afraid of them too?

14.  My relative in Michigan was excited to have new cable tv installed. The cable guy came and spent about 45 minutes checking things out and told her it would take him another hour to install it. The current guidelines said they couldn’t do appointments over an hour so she didn’t get her cable installed.  I guess I missed the study that showed that the virus becomes dangerous at 61 minutes. 

15.  Why don’t our supposed top health authorities know the difference between an infection and a disease? They use these words interchangeably as if they were the same. 

16. My friend from Michigan was excited to do some house decorating and decided she would change the paint in her bedroom. She went to Home Depot and could buy anything she wanted in the store – EXCEPT PAINT. The aisle was blocked off. The store employees couldn’t explain why they couldn’t sell paint either. So my friend went the next day to Ace hardware and surprisingly they were allowed to sell PAINT! 

17.  A friend of mind went to the dentist. After a through examination he told her she needed a crown on her tooth because it was ready to break. But, that was one procedure that the state guidelines prohibited. Maybe COVID lives deep in the teeth and it gets exposed  when you put on a Crown?????

18.  They tell us 95% of people will easily get over the virus with little or no symptoms, and 5% of the people who are elderly or immune compromised will have difficulty. Why then are we making a vaccine with dangerous side effects for the 95% of the population that is healthy? Wouldn’t it make more sense to figure out a way to boost the immune system for the 5% of the population that is unhealthy? 

19.  Fauci said at a press conference that we should avoid herd immunity. What?? Herd immunity is what causes the virus to die out! In 1930, Dr. AW Hedrich published an observational study using measles data he had collected over 30 years. The author concluded that when 55% or more of children under 15 years of age had experienced natural measles, outbreaks generally stopped because those who were naturally immune interrupted the transmission of the virus. The original concept of “herd immunity” protection” was based on recovery from NATURAL infection.

If none of these things made you scratch your head in wonder, perhaps this will.

20.  In business, you follow the advice of people with a proven track record. Neil Ferguson, from the Imperial College of London was chosen to make  the world  a model for the Corona virus. His model showed  2.2 million people in the U.S. would die. The U.S and other countries based their decisions to lock down on his modeling. His numbers have proven to be way off. He is the same person who did modeling for the Sars virus back in 2005,  and his numbers were way off! 

To top it off, he just resigned. Apparently he was caught breaking the quarantine (which all occurred because of his projections), by allowing his married lover to come over to his home, while he was recovering from Covid. The man who thought the virus was so dangerous that it could kill 2.2 million people in the U.S. wasn’t scared to have a rendezvous vous with his lover, while he was recovering from Covid, which could possibly infect her and her husband. Hum… 

He was asked repeatedly to show the code he used to get the numbers for his models. In addition, his code was not peer reviewed.  He refused for 6 weeks, until this week he resigned and finally released the code. However, the code he released was modified and updated. Scientists who looked at his code have said it was so bad it should be retracted completely. Before destroying economies throughout the world based on one man’s model, should leaders have demanded to see the code he used and insist it be peer reviewed?

Remember how a magician tricks us? Simply by diverting our attention! 

If you want to explore what is going on behind the scenes of this crisis, I recommend watching this week’s episode of THE HIGHWIRE. Dr. Zach Bush will blow you away with his knowledge. (thehighwire.com)
I will also be offering a CONNECTING THE  DOTS webinar on Wednesday morning 9:30 am CST. It is the same presentation as last Friday. No sign up required, and it’s free. Just click the link, or paste it into your browser. Here is the zoom link. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84269327385 

2020 The Year Begins with Intensity

January 2020 BLOG


The zodiac sign in focus for this month, and all year, is Capricorn. This Earth sign is interested in productivity and structures that our world works within. Our society is governed by structures, from schools to hospitals, financial institutions, and of course governments. This is a period for us to examine them and decide what we need to do to fix them, or destroy them so something new can be created. 

Personally it is a period of self-development. It is a great time to examine our lives and make any course corrections. We can examine all areas of our lives, including health, business and relationships, and make improvements. It is no coincidence that people feel motivated to make New Years resolutions,  

Both Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn, and will be conjunct on January 12th. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so we can expect many structures to die, in order to new ones to emerge. 

Pluto is also about power, and so struggles will likely break out as the status quo, as represented by Saturn, attempts to hold on to what it has. Pluto is often disliked because it has been known to take away, or even destroy something that we may desire to have. Therefore, we must keep in mind that Pluto only destroys those things that no longer serve us. In the moment it is often difficult to see how something is standing in the way of our growth, so when Pluto is working in your life, allow yourself time to grieve what you have lost, and know that a deeper reason for the loss will be revealed to you. The mantra to deal with Plutonian forces is “let it go.” Remember, the universe is always working on your behalf. 

Those in power currently may face more scrutiny than ever before, and the “shadow” side of them, and others, may be obvious. There is the potential to expose the wrong doing of many people, as well as continued abuse of power by some. (Pluto is about power). 

Saturn rules time, so it’s an opportunity for us to look at how we use time. There may be a great focus on the paradox of time: the fact that time exists, and yet it is also an illusion. Obviously time is real for us in the world, and it helps us structure our world. We see the passing of day into night and realize that something is marking the change in the seasons, etc. We see time evident in the fact that we grow and change with the passing of time. However, from a metaphysical perspective, time isn’t real. From the quantum level, everything is happening simultaneously at once.

3 big dates this month: 

January 10th – Lunar eclipse in Cancer 

This one is a biggie! The current escalating crisis in the Middle East is no surprise when we look at the planets. We may feel the effects of this eclipse for 6 months, until June. The Sun is conjunct (touching) Mercury, planet of communication, so there will be a focus. However, since the Moon is opposing Saturn and Pluto, there could actually be much repression of free speech and a ton of propaganda imposed  by those in power. Governments will take more control, and tensions will be high. With the Moon opposing (opposite) Mercury, we may find it difficult to express our feelings, and since it also opposes Pluto, we will be dealing with mood swings and conflicts with authority. We will need to do everything in our power to stay positive and optimistic, since Saturn opposes the Moon as well. If you already deal with depression, you may feel it even deeper. 

Lunar eclipses signal endings and completion, so we can look within our family unit, which is connected to the sign of Cancer, and see what we need to complete. 

January 11th – Uranus goes direct: This planet went retrograde on August 12th. Retrograde means the planet slows down, and so the activities and energies related to this planet also slow down. Uranus rules technology, individuality, freedom, new ideas, and flashes of insight. Since August, any areas in your life that have felt stuck may now be freed up. We may all feel an urge for more freedom in our lives, especially any areas where we have felt boxed in. There will probably be some big global events around this date, as energy is suddenly freed up. Whether there is a positive or negative display of energy, we will have to wait and see. Since Uranus is transiting the sign of Taurus now, we may see activity in the financial markets, land, and/or food supply.

January 12th: Saturn conjuncts Pluto. (see above explanation). 



I wanted to share with everyone this holiday event that is a good reminder that we are never alone. 

It was Christmas day and about 18 family had gathered at my mom’s house in Michigan. Everyone was talking, laughing and having a great time. Suddenly my niece noticed her 21 month old daughter was no where to be seen. We quickly began looking around for her, and noticed the door leading down to the basement was open. All the lights were out downstairs as she quickly descended the stairs. There in the middle of the dark room stood her daughter waving her hand. Her mom asked her who she was waving to, she replied in her limited vocabulary, “grandpa.” My father passed away about 9 years ago. The basement was his favorite “man cave” he would go to to work on boating projects. Since she was only 21 months old, she of course never met him. 

We all got chills up our spine with this event, realizing that even those family members that can’t be present with us physically for the holidays, may find a way to join in the festivities in other ways! 



Cardamom is a sweet spice that is a great addition to hot chocolate, muffins and some Indian dishes. The easiest way to get it is ground up into powder and sold in the spice section. 

It has been known to help with gastrointestinal issues such as 

constipation, diarrhea, and reduce over acidity.

It can be used to prevent tooth decay and bad breath due to its ability to destroy bacteria with its antioxidant properties. 

This amazing spice  may help prevent diseases such as cancer due to its antioxidant capabilities. It is a heart healthy spice due to its ability to lower cholesterol. 

Spice up your romance by adding this natural aphrodisiac to your food or diffusing it in the room. 


Recipe:  Here is a delicious glaze you can put over salmon before baking. Combine 1/4 cup maple syrup, 2 teaspoons cardamom, 2 teaspoons paprika, and salt. Cover salmon filets with the glaze and then bake to your liking. 


A great way to prepare for 2020 is to use the tools of astrology and numerology. Whether you are looking to start a new career, forge deeper relationships, improve your health and finances, this workshop will give you the tools to make it happen. Learn the best direction to take in your life for the year 2020. This online course will teach participants about their planetary and numerological influences for the coming year. You will learn how to apply this information to attain success in relationships, career, finances, health and more! This course will explore how the planetary and numerological changes will affect the world globally, as well as individually. You will calculate your numbers for success, learn about the Moon activity for the year, planetary transits and retrograde planets. This information is invaluable for planning your year ahead. Course fee is $75. You will receive an astrology chart and student packet via email.  

Sign up here and you will have one year to do the class. Of course I recommend beginning as soon as possible so you can make the best of 2020. Once you sign up, send your birth information including day, month, year, time of birth, city and state to Kathryn at: info@intuitiveschool.com. You will then receive your astrology chart and a student packet. 

Are you Feeling Stuck?

October 2019 Astrology 

Step. 23 the Sun entered Libra. Time to focus on peace, harmony, relationships. Seek balance and truth in all areas of your life. 

October 3:  Pluto goes direct, still in the sign of Capricorn! This is significant since Pluto is a planet that helps us move forward and look to the future. Have you felt stuck? Pluto went retrograde last April, so you may have felt that plans and ideas have been stalled, but now things should loosen up and you can move forward with confidence. 

Since Pluto rules Scorpio this is especially significant, as you may have felt more stuck than others. 

Oct. 3- Mercury enters Scorpio – this will deepen our interactions and help us go beyond the superficial with others. It also will help us communicate with the people we need to connect with. Great aspect for metaphysical teaching! 

Oct. 4 – Mars enters Libra – Mars energy will energize our relationships and spice up our love life. If any area of your life that has been stagnant or dull has the opportunity to become more interesting. People with a Libra Sun Sign will feel especially energized and ready to “fight” for what they believe in. 

Oct. 7 – Sun squares Saturn – opportunity to get down to work! You will feel motivated to do those chores or tasks that you have been putting off. If you shirk your responsibilities you may find yourself limited and not able to do what you want. The solution? Do what is needed! 

Oct. 7 – Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus – Expect the unexpected! Opportunities for enlightening conversations. 

Oct. 8 – Venus enters Scorpio – Sizzling sexuality and opportunities to spice up your love life. It also is time to go deeper spiritually with your relationships. 

Oct. 13 – Full Moon at 20 degrees Aries. This Full Moon will also oppose Mars and trines Jupiter. This will create explosive emotions. Mars may trigger relationships crises. You can respond or hide from this, but the only way to grow is to face the crises and allow it to transform you. 

Oct. 14 – Mercury textiles Saturn – This is a great aspect for mental focus, learning, and reading. If you’ve had writers block this might be your time to get unblocked and down to work. If you have been neglecting paperwork, you may experience the consequences. 

Oct. 15- Mercury trine Neptune – sit back, relax, meditate. This is a good day to “do” nothing, rather enjoy just “being.” You will be more sensitive to dreams and other psychic stimuli. 

Oct. 21 – Venus trine Neptune – Enjoy time with loved ones. Creative inspirations are high! You may feel more idealistic than usual, so grab your paintbrush and create! 

Oct. 23 – Sun enters Scorpio! Just in time to get deep and spiritual for Halloween and Day of the Dead. Scorpio teaches us that it is okay to explore the occult, metaphysics and our “shadow” side. 

Oct. 28 – New Moon in Scorpio. This is an opportune time to visualize and focus on your desires! What do you really want? What part of yourself do you want to explore? 

Oct. 28 – Mars square Saturn – Control your compulsions and habits or you can find yourself self-sabotaging your creations. 

If your Sun sign is Libra, it is time for your Solar Return Reading!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER A FUTURE ASTROLOGY READING



I have a common occurrence where I never sees faces or distinguishing characteristics of people in my dreams. I see familiar people, but they are all black – kind of like a shadow with some definition or body shape. If it’s someone familiar to me it’s the essence of that person – everything is “there” about them, but not the physical likeness of them.  The people are semi-transparent, but dark and indistinguishable.


Your dreams reflect a lack of awareness (darkness) about yourself. You are aware you exist and have different ways of expressing, yet these are unclear to you. You would need to identify the characteristics of the people who are in the dream to understand these aspects of yourself. You can gain clarity through self-honesty and practices such as meditation. The dream also reveals you do not want to see everything about yourself.  Ask yourself what you are afraid of seeing, and then face it. Acceptance and love yourself as you are.


I was lowered in my car to the bottom of the ocean by a man who said I needed to stay hidden there until he gave the all-clear for me to safely return. No explanation was offered as to what sort of danger I was in. In the car with me was a mixed-breed, brown dog that I did not recognize and a television. I sat in front watching the small TV and the dog sat in back. I was only mildly anxious about being in this situation whereas in waking life I have extreme claustrophobia. After awhile, my cat Cedric came floating down to the passenger window, wanting to come in. I could not let him in because we would all drown if I opened the door to let him in. I wished for him to please return to the surface before he drowned or was eaten by sharks, even though there were no sharks in sight. 


This dream indicates you have a habitual tendency (dog) to hide behind your emotions (immersion in water). Fear causes you to want to hide from the world. When you escape into your own world of emotion, you use your imagination passively (watching TV), rather than actively to create something. You have another habit (cat) that you fear will bring you into a total emotional fog that would completely overwhelm you. (drowning). You are attached to this intense emotional habit as well. (fearing the cat would die). I would suggest you look at your fears and use your imagination to overcome them and actively create what you desire in life. Your emotions are there to help bring out your desires into the world, rather than as a place to hide. 

If you would like a dream interpreted, send us an email to: info@intuitiveschool.com


Iris Analysis + Astrology + Birth Order + Numerology + Palmistry + Past Lives = YOU!

Are you contemplating a career or relationship change?  Do you desire to live up to your potential?  

Join Kathryn Andries, author of Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, as she takes you on an incredible journey of personal discovery.  Find out the best directions to go in your work and personal life based on the information you’ll gain from the 6 most powerful energetic influences in your life: Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order, Palmistry, Iris Analysis, and Past Lives.  We will also explore the subconscious mind and learn technique to reprogram limiting thoughts so you can fulfill your purpose.  As Kathryn teaches you to weave together the information from each of these methods, the tapestry of your life begins to unfold and the possibility of making new choices emerges.  Take the journey of your life and gain true insight into your life’s purpose. The life purpose method will revolutionize the way you make choices in life. 

Dates: Saturdays: Oct. 12, 19, 26, Nov. 2, 9, 16, 30, Dec. 7    Time: 10-11:30 am

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It’s not too early to start thinking about holiday gifts! I hate the stress I experience when I wait until December to do my gift shopping. I am finding it more difficult to find unique gifts for people, because most people already have so much stuff! I am turning toward more experiential gifts these days. What better gift than something that leads someone to greater self-awareness? 

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Welcome to SUMMER!


The energies for JUNE

We add the personal year (3) to the month number for June (6th month).  So June is a 9 month. What does this mean? Its a month of completion. Service and charity oriented. Focus on the arts, compassion, humanity.  I am completing some house repairs and remodeling that were desperately needed. I had put them off because I was so busy and I felt once summer arrived I wanted to get these things done. 

Health Tip:  

Summer is a great time for cleansing and eating lighter. There are a lot of body cleanses at health food stores – so you may feel overwhelmed. How do you know which one to choose? I like to switch it up and choose a different cleanse each year. I don’t like to take a lot of pills, so I looked for one that was loose powder, or a tea. I found a total body cleanse called “Flor-Essence” which I loved. It comes with 3 packets of loose tea that you prepare and drink 2-3 times per day. It contains some powerful herbs such as Burdock root, Sheep sorrel, and Slippery Elm Bark. The tea doesn’t taste terrible so I actually enjoy drinking it.


Happy Birthday Gemini

Gemini is an air sign, so Gemini’s live from the mind. Summer can be good because we have more time to socialize and talk with friends. So enjoy the parties and social events. However, in the negative, if you are a student, your mind may feel lost without school. So, if you are going to the breach, grab a book. Find other ways to keep your mind stimulated, For me it’s writing. My Moon is in Gemini, so I feel more secure and nurtured when I am learning something. I get bored just suntanning, so when I go the pool I bring along my notebook and I write. There are no major planets in Gemini, so it’s up to you to stimulate your own learning. 

Get ready for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 17th. The full moon is a time to set new intentions. The fire sign Sagittarius will ignite us with passion and zeal to set our sights high. So don’t be shy, think about what you really want and visualize it. In addition, Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is conjunct the Moon, so we may be inclined to want to party and just have a good time. The only caution would be to not overdo it. Sagittarius loves to travel, so it can be a good time for a quick summer get away. Be generous and invite a friend along who may be alone. Again, be careful not to overspend on the trip, as Sagittarius can often get carried away. We will be heading out to Florida about this time for the REIGNITE YOUR LIGHT event. It’s a long drive, so we are envisioning many adventures and fun stops along the way! To understand the full impact of this Full Moon, look on your chart to see what house Sagittarius falls in, which will indicate the life area where you will want to focus your desires upon. For example, Sagittarius falls in my 8th house, which involves spiritual transformation. The event I am attending in Florida is all about transformation, so I just have to be willing to be open for change. 

Relationship Mirrors

February is a month that brings relationships to our attention. Although there is the superficial focus on romantic love with Valentines Day, we can go much deeper into our connections with others. I love to study relationships because they are a way we can delve deeper into understanding ourselves, and our “issues.” I want to discuss several ways we can use our relationships to enhance our growth. 

The “Pushing Our Buttons” game. In this scenario, we get upset or triggered by another person. We can remain in reaction mode and point the finger at the other person, or we can look within and see what this is stirring up within ourselves. The only reason we get triggered is because there is an issue within ourselves that is out of balance and needs healing. The process involves examining yourself to see how you might be similar to the other person. Most people don’t want to admit that they could have any similarities with the person that annoys them. I always remind people that even if you possess the same trait, the other person usually magnifies it by 100. In this way, you can’t avoid seeing it! For example, suppose person A bothers you because he is critical. You might also be critical but to a much lesser degree. 

Another possibility is that what person A does to others, you do to yourself. In the above example, Person A may be critical to other people, while you are critical towards yourself. When we see Person A criticizing other people, we are appalled, thinking we would never be so cruel to another person. Yet each time we look in the mirror, we focus on our imperfections, and tear ourselves down continually. 

When we recognize this, we see what a gift the other person is in our life. He or she has brought to our attention the need to heal this issue within ourselves. It is easy to deny, repress and avoid dealing with our own issues. However, the other aggravating person in our life that is reflecting to us what needs to be healed is a continual source of tension that seeks resolution. We can push that person away, but the universe has a clever way of bringing another person into our lives that may express the trait more intensely. I explain this method in depth in the book Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships.

Another interesting wake up call is when a person triggers a scenario from your past that needs healing. This takes a bit more contemplation to identify, but can be very powerful. Here is an example that I experienced. I was attending a year long metaphysical program at a school. I lived and studied at the college, which was far away from any family or friends. The 2 people who ran the school were extremely controlling and dictatorial. They abused their powerful position in many ways. It was a challenge to speak out about the abuse of power that I saw because there would have been consequences for me personally. Since I had to live at this school, the people in charge could have made life very difficult for me. And, since I wanted to complete my studies, I basically had to keep my mouth shut. Every time I had to hold back my thoughts, it was torture! This situation triggered past life memories for me of being in situations where I witnessed abuse of power, yet for various reasons I could not speak out. This is a deep issue for me with many layers that I feel I am still healing and understanding. 

Relationships are our playground for personal growth, so have fun exploring the mirrors all around you. Accept whatever is reflected back to you as a gift from the universe. Once you learn the lesson the other person is showing you, magical things can happen. Since the universe works with the law of attraction, if a person is no longer teaching you anything, he or she may just magically disappear out of your life! If you would like to explore your relationship mirrors, join me for a Live class at Unity Temple in Kansas City on March 2nd. Click here to learn more!

What is up with number 3?

Happy New Year!
Everyone here at Intuitive School  wishes you the best in personal growth for 2019. What’s the Energy in 2019? The energy for this year is a 3. This means that Universally we can expect a lot of social activity, and communication steps up a notch. You’re probably thinking, what, more email? Yes, emails, letters, phone calls, Ted talks, you name it, it’s coming out! So what do you personally want to tell the world?  This is the year to EXPRESS YOURSELF!  Develop your creativity and allow that to be an expression of who you are. And most importantly, HAVE FUN! You may find you are getting invited to many events and parties, so indulge! Each year the energies change, and 2020 will be a year focused on hard work, so take advantage of the social activities this year.In the world we may see a resurgence in the arts. Hopefully schools will see the importance of art and music classes and stop cutting those out of their budgets. We may see more philanthropic dollars aimed toward the arts as well. Governments may be more inclined to TALK! Ambassadors may open the door to more dialogue on sensitive issues that affect all countries. The 3 energy may be able to curb the actions of some social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest who censor and take down sites they feel are “dangerous.” We had a discussion about censorship on a recent Spirits Journey Radio episode – check it out here! One of my favorite alternative health newsletters, Greenmedinfo.com, was recently censored by Pinterest because they posted some information about side effects and ingredients of vaccines. We can learn a lot from Italy about the power of expression. They had a series of protests against forced vaccinations, which led to a study that uncovered foreign substances and heavy metals in some vaccines. Then a political party ran on the platform of ending the forced vaccine program and won. VIVA ITALIA!Express yourself! 

If you want more information about what is in store personally for you in 2019, you definitely want to join me for one of my online Future Predictions classes. You will receive a personal astrology chart and learn what the planetary energies are encouraging you to do. We will also work up a personal 2019 numerology profile! The best way to insure a successful 2019 is to be prepared. In this online 3 hour class I will help you know where the opportunities are for you personally, as well as potential challenges. We will cover everything from the Eclipses, to Retrogrades, New Moons, Transiting planets, and where your karma will be knocking at your door! Click here to sign up for the online class. I will be offering it more than once, and the first LIVE online class is Thursday, January 10th at 6:30 pm CST.I want to prepare for an Awesome 2019!In our last newsletter I wrote about giving experiential gifts for the holidays, rather than more “stuff.” For Christmas we gifted our daughter with a 7 week class in Aerial yoga. I have been curious about this exercise, also known s aerial silks, that has become more prevalent the last several years. At our location they even have a family class on Sundays. If you are looking for something different to do, check out if there are classes near you. If not, here is a link to purchase your own silks so you can hang at home. How cool is that! 

New Year Health Tips
I have heard a lot of people advocating a New Year fast. Although I totally believe in the benefits of fasting and do several a year, I don’t particularly recommend them in the winter. If you live in a cold climate, your body needs the extra fat and fuel during the winter months. Also, according the Chinese Medicine, the winter is a time to build up our body with yin foods. Soups, stews, and high protein foods are good additions to the winter diet. Also, bitter and warming foods such as chicken, lamb, salmon, shrimp, celery, asparagus, quinoa, amaranth, tea and coffee. Yes, I said coffee! I know there is controversy about it, and I think it comes down to your individual constitution. In a recent Spirits Journey show we learned a ton about Chinese seasonal foods from Teresa Padilla. Check out that episode here.
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Spiritual Gift Giving

Are you stuck wondering what present to give someone? An alternative way to approach gift giving is to choose based on a person’s influences. 

In several of the intuitive paths, the influences are divided up among the 4 elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire. We find this categorization in astrology, palmistry, and Rayid Iris Analysis. 

The zodiac signs

Earth:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Earth signs love practical gifts, so find out what those folks really need. The way to their heart is also through food. Taureans are foodies and love anything that pleases their palette, while picky Virgos would prefer the food to be healthy and organic. Busy Capricorns might enjoy a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they don’t have to worry about preparing a meal after a busy day at work. Earth signs are kinesthetic, so they would a massage gift certificate. Anything that appeals to their senses is a good idea, such as essential oils and an oil diffuser. Earth signs literally like to work with the earth, so how about gardening tools or a small, indoor herb garden? 

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. These intellectual folks would enjoy anything that stimulates their mind, such as books, movie tickets, or a gift certificate to a class. If they are interested in metaphysics, they might enjoy a gift certificate for an astrology reading. 

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. These emotional folks would love to cuddle up with a cozy new blanket and pillow, or a box of their favorite herbal tea. They are sensitive to sound, so a CD of their favorite artist, or a set of wind chimes would be lovely. They usually have an affinity for animals, so you could buy them a pet toy or a special treat like catnip or organic dog treats. 

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. These folks are generous and love to give as well as receive, so don’t hold back on them! Fire signs love experiential gifts, rather than things. Besides, most of us remember experiences, rather than the things we received. Here is a list of some cool experiential gifts for those fire signs in our lives. 

Museum passes, gym memberships, escape room, theater tickets, a trip, camping gear, board games, bowling passes, skating tickets, geo caching, indoor skydiving, pottery studios and wine and dine or paint and sip studios where you enjoy wine while painting a masterpiece! 

Cool Spiritual Gifts: If you are wanting to infuse a little bit of metaphysical musings into your gifts, here are some awesome finds: 

The board game Jonathan Livingston Seagull, zafu pillows for meditation, and Hemi-Sync Alpha Wave music, Himalayan acupressure mat, Homedics relaxation fountain, aromatherapy. Would you like to wear your universe? It is possible with Astrology jewelry from Wanderingstarjewelry.com. They will create a  handmade necklace or bracelet with the planets and zodiac signs in a mathematically correct position, showing their placement at birth. They have several interesting lines of jewelry, such as Destiny line, Custom Horoscope, Sun sign and  Relationship jewelry. Check them out! 

Numerology:  The Personal Month Number for December is a 5.  This number is all about freedom and responsibility. A 5 month opens the door to all sorts of fun and all kinds of experiences. The 5 is about being flexible, and with the holidays and family, we will surely have a place to practice being open and flexible. Our challenge is to stay directed, while enjoying all the social activity and holiday hoopla. For example, if you go to a  party and drink too much, be responsible and don’t drive. When you head out to buy gifts, stay within your budget. 

The 5 is a wild card number that can bring unexpected events. You may receive a surprise holiday party invite, a whirlwind romance, or an unpredicted winter storm. Whatever comes your way, just allow the 5 energy to bring you a flexible mind and you will enjoy the month more fully.  


The motto for this month is Be Flexible! We have 5 planets in mutable signs, signaling the need to go with the flow and change. If holiday plans get changed, don’t worry, be happy! It’s all part of our learning this month. 

December 1-5:  Sun Squares Mars: This transits means there will be more acts of power assertion, especially by men. It’s better not to provoke pole this month, unless you are willing to deal with the consequences. Mars will encourage us to defend our identity, goals and desires. Be firm and stand your ground. A square indicates tension, so plan on doing some physical activities to release this pent up energy. 

December 1-2: Venus opposes Uranus: Uranus will be nudging us to spice up our relationships. We can add some Venusian energy to our romantic encounters by making a special meal for our partner, maybe including some aphrodisiac foods. Try adding some of these to your meal to kick start your sexuality; chocolate, avocado, mace root, asparagus, figs and sweet potatoes. Garlic is known aphrodisiac, and it’s odor can be mitigated by basil, another aphrodisiac. Both oysters and pumpkin seed are high in zinc, which is good for testosterone production in males. Spice up any dessert with cinnamon, ginger, or almonds for added stimulants. 

December 5-6:  Sun Squares Neptune:   You might not feel as energetic as usual and may lack motivation at this time. This square can lead to possible confusion and disappointment, so keep your eyes wide open. What looks like a good deal, may in fact be a sham. This confusion could appear in your personal relationships, at work, or in other business dealings. Neptune will increase our sensitivity to physical things such as drugs and alcohol, so be careful what you ingest. 

December 6-8: Mars conjuncts Neptune: We can channel this energy towards Neptunian areas, such as spirituality, charitable causes, churches and spiritual organizations. 

Be aware of looking at things through rose colored glasses, as Neptune can easily blind us from reality. We may be more at risk for contracting a sexually communicable disease. We can also be more sensitive to alcohol and medications, so it is advisable to use natural remedies that cause no harm, such as homeopathy. We can take advantage of our heightened spiritual sensitivity by meditating and paying attention to our dreams. 

The big event for this month is the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7th. The New Moon is an opportune time to set new intentions and goals. We can align our intentions with Sagittarius by focusing on our spiritual growth, being truthful, and being positive. The power of positivity goes a long way! I recommend Pam Grout’s book E Cubed for some cool experiments that prove the power of positivity. 

Health Tips:  To keep your skin soft and moisturized during the winter months, eat an orange first thing in the morning. Then wait at least 20 minutes before eating anything else. The juice in the orange will do wonders to hydrate your skin. I learned this protocol from a practitioner of Chinese foods. 

If you overeat and indulge in too many sweets and fats, you can take 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water in the morning. This amazing substance can cut fat, and when taken 15 minutes before eating it will enhance your digestion. I recommend Braggs brand. 

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If you are purchasing a certificate for another person,  let us know the name of the person you would like on the certificate by contacting us. We will email you the downloadable certificate. 

Uncovering What is Hidden

November, 2018

On October 23rd the Sun entered the sign of Scorpio. This is an opportunity for us to investigate and explore why we are we here, our motivations, and our deepest desires. We can take advantage of the new moon in Scorpio on November 7th. The new moon is an opportunity to put forth our desires and intentions. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto will also be urging us to let go of anything that no longer serves our highest good. This act of surrender can be liberating, as we open up space for those things that will help us move further along our spiritual path. 

We have a little time left before Jupiter finishes up its transit of Scorpio on November 9th. Jupiter has been expanding our awareness of the occult, metaphysics, our shadow side, and anything hidden form our awareness. With the elections on November 6th, we can use this Scorpio energy to deeply investigate the candidates. Scorpio loves to play detective and has excellent perception. They have X-ray vision, allowing them to see to the core of a person. We can use this as we decide on a candidate, using our Scorpio lie detector to see which candidates are telling the truth. 

For those of you born with the Sun in Scorpio, you may feel things slow down, as Jupiter leaves your sign and moves into Sagittarius. Here Jupiter will lead the way for expansion in our spiritual quest.  For the next year and a half, more of us will be inclined to seek out foreign travel and higher studies. We will also feel more optimistic as Sagittarius helps us see the glass half full rather than half empty. 

November 17 Mercury goes retrograde until December 7th. Be prepared for all types of communication slow downs and snafus. To avoid confusing mishaps over who is bringing what to Thanksgiving dinner, be super detailed in all your communications. For those of you traveling, it is best to buy your airline tickets before the 17th as well. The holidays should be even more interesting since Venus goes direct on November 16th, ending a period where its retrograde motion allowed us to go within and reflect on our relationship issues. Whatever things we processed about our family relationships, after the 16th we can act on them. We can say or do things to improve our familial relationships. Metaphysically we choose everything, even our family. So understanding our karmic ties with parents and siblings is key to unlocking our life purpose.

Have you been following the herd mentality for too long? Uranus, the planet that reveals our uniqueness, goes retrograde November 1st through March 7th. This slower movement is an opportunity for us to explore how we can bring our unique essence out into the world. There is so much pressure within society, especially for teens, to conform to the norm. How boring is that!? Not only do we feel better when we follow our inner guidance, but it can be profitable as well. 

For entrepreneurs it is important to find our “sweet spot” – which is what sets us apart from our competitors. In today’s competitive market, we may not last if we blend in with the crowd. If you aren’t sure where your uniqueness lies, consider getting an astrology reading. 

Do you know anyone who is going to be giving birth in the next year or two? Listen up, because the Nodes of the Moon will be changing signs. November 15 until June 4th of 2020 the North Node will move into Cancer, and the South Node will move into Capricorn. The kids being born during this time will have Capricorn roots. They will come into this life having lived many lifetimes of hardship, but through it all they learned endurance, resourcefulness and the basics of how to get along in any type of situation. All the struggles they have been through may have hardened them a bit – so their reputation of putting work before people adds to their cool exterior.  They have carried large burdens and responsibilities and will be born feeling they have to be responsible for everyone and everything. 

The answer to what these new souls need to heal this lifetime is found in the North Node, in the opposite sign of Cancer. These kids need to balance those hard lifetimes with care, nurturing, and compassion. New parents can help their Capricorn South Node kids by practicing gentle discipline, and teaching them how to bring out their emotions productively. Simply letting them know it’s okay to cry will do a ton to help them integrate their Cancer North Node. 

The Yoga of Dreaming by Kerry Leigh

By Kerry Leigh

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali defines what Kriya yoga is right in the first sutra.  This sutra is about the practice of yoga so that we can become the master of our universe!  Many of us are living as unaware victims of our karmic patterns as we entrain them evermore with our emotionality.  The good news is that we have many tools available to us to be able to change and soften this karmic patterning through our sadhana of self-discipline, self-study and conscious attunement to our dreams to expand our awareness.

Do you often ask why certain events happen to you?  Have you considered looking deeper to discover their causality? Even if you get to the how, you can often be at a loss to explain that.  Getting yourself extricated from certain situations is no guarantee that you won’t just repeat the same mistakes again as you have not learned the lessons or done anything differently.  Acknowledging that you are the creator of your life through your thoughts is a huge step in realizing the amazing truth that wow, life can be different!

You spend 1/3rd of your life dreaming.  Becoming aware of the power of your dreams to help you shift from being in a state of just playing out and re-creating your karma day after day through your life experiences is a powerful tool for answering the ‘what can I do’ to change.  I have noticed that I have a theme or pattern that runs through my dreams from year to year, and it is all about developing my will.  I see where my karmic patterns are expressing themselves without much conscious thought on my part in various aspects of my life and through different ways of being in relationship.  It was discouraging at first to realize that what I thought I was, a person going through life making conscious choices, was actually my karmic patterns and energies just expressing themselves.  It’s important to realize that your karmic patterns are not just patterns of actions, but originate in your thought patterns.  It was like I was just going along for the ride not even aware of the destination.

The sadhana or spiritual practice of dream interpretation is the kriya or conscious action that will lead you into an awareness of where you want to go, exactly, to improve your relationships with others and with yourself.  The art of dream interpretation is a kriya that will take you to where you want to be very quickly.

To develop your will, you need develop a real awareness of your whole self.  That means to look at your dreams unemotionally to see the message and momentarily push your ego self to the side.  This is where you begin to really see how the karmic patterns have you functioning as a puppet in the world.  Don’t forget, you are also the creator of your karmic patterns!   As a practitioner of hatha yoga, you are beginning to see your unconscious patterns emerging as you practice your poses ever deeper and expand your awareness of your potential.

Every person, place, event, or thing is a trigger we react to.  A Course in Miracles has a lesson in it that states that ‘I have given everything I see…all the meaning that it has for me.”  Once we recognize our attachment to our ways of thinking and the emotions that we give our thoughts we are truly on the path.

So what is the real dream?  What if you recognized that your dream is a dream and your life is a dream.  Ahh… now you can see every person, place, event or thing in your dreams as a symbol.  You can use your dream awareness to cultivate a dispassionate look not only at your dream symbols but at your waking dream symbols.  I woke one morning a few years ago from a dream, and wrote  at the end of my journal entry “Then I woke up and lay thinking of my dreams and that my life is a dream, and I should translate my life in the Universal Language of Mind for an even better picture of me.  Is this life a type of lucid dream I am creating?” Believe me, I am not the first to have this thought.  A yogi had a dream one night of being a butterfly.  When he awoke that morning, he was in awe and wonderment, still in the feeling state of ‘butterfly’, and said to his wife, am I a man being a butterfly?  Or a butterfly being a man?

Dream interpretation is an important tool in your self study.  Your subconscious mind is always talking to you and telling you how you are doing.  You can begin to use your free will in studying your dreams as a sister practice to your other practices.  May you be blessed on your journey.

The Still Small Voice

By Patrick Andries

Have you ever noticed how your inner guidance is like a quiet whisper while the rest of your thoughts are shouting in your mind? This is an ancient challenge that humans have been facing for thousands of years. Sometimes our inner guidance is referred to as “the still small voice.” When the demands of the modern world are banging at the door of our consciousness, it takes a quiet mind to listen to our inner guidance.

So the question becomes, how exactly do we do that? It takes practice.

We have been given techniques to quiet our minds for thousands of years. These techniques are more important than ever because we are faced with an unprecedented level of distraction. We have global communication devices in our pockets that provide distraction 24/7. The myth of multitasking has become a world-wide epidemic.

The cure, fortunately, is simple. Take some time each day to focus completely on simple tasks. This can be a walk in nature where you focus on the sounds around you instead of the clamoring in your mind. For some it could be doing the dishes, as long as you are completely focused on that task and not going over something else in your mind at the same time. And of course, the age-old cure – meditation. Even taking up a simple practice for five to ten minutes can make a world of difference when you are consistent over time.

The little voice can guide us to our dreams. When your dream becomes being one with your Source – the Creator – then the still small voice can lead you back to that too.

You can get a feel for what is intuition and what is conscious thought by listening to the vibration of the thought. If your thought has a feel like your voice, then it may be a conscious thought related to your physical personality. The reason it is important to identify if it is related to your personality is because your physical personality is temporary. It is a baby compared to the wisdom of your soul. Your intuition, on the other hand, could be coming from the wisdom you have built over lifetimes, it could be coming from guides who are there to help you, or in some cases it could be coming from Divine Source.

Here is an easy practice that you can begin and use several times a day. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath. Our breathing is the most important thing that we do each day. Our bodies can only survive for ten minutes without it! As you breathe in and breathe out focus all of your attention on the breath. If you notice any thoughts like, “I wonder when the new Riverdale episodes will be on Netflix?” then let that thought go and bring your attention back gently, but firmly, to your breath. You will find that over time your mind will become quiet. Your intuition can then slip in during those quiet moments.

One of the most powerful realizations that we can have is the realization that we can choose which thoughts we give our attention to. We are not slaves to our thoughts. We are not born slaves to our minds. With proper training we can become masters of our minds instead of slaves to our habits and past thinking.

One of the first things that you may experience as you start this practice is that your conscious mind begins to rebel against you. If this happens to you, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Just keep calm and carry on as you continue to work to develop mastery of your attention. Your conscious mind may fight to stay in control at first as you begin the journey of taking back the power of your birthright.

Directing our mind is a lot like riding a horse. Our conscious minds kind of have a mind of their own. It is built on years of our past thoughts combined with the thoughts of others in our lives. Every time you take on someone else’s thinking or you form a belief of your own, you are shaping your mind. You will find over time, however, that your mind will bend to your intention. Your attention will come under your control like a great steed that is awaiting your command.

This is a natural process and a natural part of having a body in the physical world. We have not done anything wrong. At the same time, it is very much to our benefit to monitor our thinking and weed out any thoughts that are not productive for us while giving a generous amount of water and fertilizer to those that serve us well. Our inner guidance is our friend and teacher. As we learn to enter the quiet stillness each day, we will be showered with an abundance of direction and confirmation that we are indeed spiritual beings of eternal energy having a little sojourn in this physical reality we call life.

What are your thoughts? Please share your experiences with us.