Mind Expanding Lectures to Inform and Entertain

Stop Worrying About Time and Get in the Flow for Success!

We live in fast paced world where quicker is better- where we can send out a message with a click that reaches the world within seconds. Participants will be amazed how their life can change with proper pacing. Slow and steady wins the race! There are tools we can use to understand the unfoldment of our lives and take advantage of cycles. 

Some Key Points to This Talk

1. The pitfalls to rushing

2. Examining our motives

3. How to get to where we are going without rushing

4.  Preparation is the key to success!

5.  Goal setting

6.  Inspiring success stories

7. The importance of the small steps on the road to reaching your goals

8. Changing yourself is the quickest way to speed things up

Stop Complaining about Annoying People and Build Great Relationships!

Are you tired of allowing other people to push your buttons? Get to the core of why people annoy you and learn strategies to turn enemies into allies. Sharpen your communication skills, build cooperation among your team, and go from frustration to gratitude for challenging relationships. Everyone is a mirror for you, so it all begins with self-acceptance and changing from the inside out.  When you appreciate yourself you give your voice a stage, and everyone benefits from your unique perspective. Learn to spot toxic behaviors in yourself and others and transition to healthier expressions by changing the payoffs. This process will lead you to forgive effortlessly and drop the baggage of anger and resentment. This fresh perspective on relationships is a game changer and I guarantee you’ll never look at anyone the same again!

Some Key Points To This Talk

1. Great communication begins with ourself

2. How to spot toxic behaviors and disentangle from toxic people

3. Why someone else pushes our buttons

4. Overcome communication conflicts and use them to our advantage

5. Gain clarity and overcome confusion in relationships 

7. Learn the source of our conflicts and a powerful method to overcome them

Stop Repressing and Start Expressing: Discover the Power of Your Authentic Voice 

Like a fingerprint, you are unique. You can soar in the world when you embrace your unique talents. The world needs you and you can accomplish your purpose by speaking your truth to the world. It all begins with self-acceptance. Loving and appreciating yourself is the first step. The second step is to unlock our unique traits and hidden talents, which will lead you do discover your purpose. Everyone benefits when we shine our brilliance!

Key Points

  1. Why we squash our voice
  2. The dangerous effects of silencing yourself 
  3. Your growth depends on speaking your truth
  4. How to find your unique traits and hidden talents
  5. Expressing your truth leads you to your life purpose
  6. Your voice is a tool for your intuition and authentic Self

Who Were those Strangers in My Dreams?
Have you dreamed of running down a street naked? Of falling off a cliff? Are you plagued by nightmares? Will your dreams come true? Decode your dream symbols and learn from your subconscious.

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Meet Your Presenters

With 20+ years of experience in teaching and lecturing on self-development, Kathryn will entertain and inform your audience. She cofounded the School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences, and is the author of 6 books including  Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed.  Soul Choices: Six Paths to Find Your Life Purpose, Soul Choices: Six Paths to Fulfilling Relationships, The Dream Doctor, The Big Desire and Time: The Second Secret.
Kathryn offers a fresh, new way to understand the world and question accepted beliefs.

“Kathryn Andries was a presenter at Southern Illinois University during a student fair. Ms. Andries taught the powerful message that the key to success is self-awareness. The students learned a great deal about themselves which will help them become more successful in college and beyond. Excellent presentation! Your talk was stimulating and thought provoking. You did an excellent job of engaging the audience with activities and questions. I would highly recommend you to as many colleges as possible.”

Rachel LaRussa
Southern Illinois University