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We have taken action against CENSORSHIP. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have either experienced censorship directly, or saw it happen to someone else. Our previous email provider, Mailchimp, sent out a warning letter that Natural Health information, and even Astrology, violates their community standards. (In case you are wondering why, they are partnered with  a CDC foundation.) My favorite alternative health newsletter, GreenMed Info had their entire email list locked for weeks by Mailchimp. So, we are being proactive and just switched to MailerLite. We hope this will allow us to continue to deliver great content without the fear of being shut down. We also moved over to PARLER – competition for Facebook that promises NO censorship. 



This is the third and final conjunction for the year. When 2 planets conjunct they touch, which magnifies their power. Jupiter signifies expansion, spirituality, law, truth, and philosophy. Pluto represents our shadow, death and resurrection, and spiritual rebirth. Pluto is also power! We may see the expansion of any of the Jupiter aspects mentioned above. 

It’s an opportunity to confront our shadow side and transform ourselves. How is this playing out in you personally? We can see many events happening in the world that relate to this. More lockdowns in Chicago, forced Covid vaccine mandates ready to be rolled out in England, and on and on. 


Are you putting together the pieces of the puzzle? 

As metaphysicians that is what we strive to do every day . We seek to go beyond the physical to understand why things are happening in our life. We use the Universal Laws of cause and effect and karma to gain more clarity. Then we delve into our subconscious mind to see what thoughts have been lurking there. I liken this to putting the pieces of a puzzle together to understand all the conditions of my life, from birth until now. 

The world situation is now urgently calling us to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The majority of people I talk to recognize that things are not as they seem. They know the media is lying to them daily and everyone seems to have a different opinion. Here are some things you may find beneficial in putting together the pieces of the puzzle:  

1. USE REASONING: This requires using the mental faculties of memory, attention, and imagination. 


3.  KNOW YOUR TRIGGERS. If a particular person or situation triggers you into an emotional tailspin, you won’t be able to reason, or use your intuition. 

4. GET A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. This can be done by tuning into alternative media outlets, and talking with people from foreign countries. We all have filters based on our upbringing, and so speaking with people who have grown up in different parts of the world can be very eye opening! This past week I have had long talks with friends from Cuba, Russia and Spain about the world situation. It was fascinating that they all could see the deeper plan behind censorship, lockdowns, and all the other strategies being rolled out before us. 

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