20 Things that make you go hum …

  1. Authorities have closed parks and beaches, the perfect thing to make us healthy. The Sun gives us vitamin D, which is very important for immunity. The negative ions from the water help fight depression, which many are experiencing  due to the situation. 

2. Why is an ex-software developer dictating public health policy? And why does he get more air time while Dr. Erickson from California is censored?

3. Why is the head of the World Health Organization not a doctor?

4. In Michigan only essential businesses are open. Why are liquor stores and places to buy lottery tickets open? 

5.  In Michigan elective health procedures have been put on hold. However, you can get an abortion, which is especially odd at a time when the leaders in charge are taking extreme measure to save lives. 

6.  Rather than using the drug chloroquine that has been used for 70+ years to help patients with Covid, authorities think it’s safer to fast track an RNA messenger vaccine, one of the most dangerous types, bypass animal testing, and go straight to human trials. 

7.  Why can stores like Walmart and Home Depot stay open, while smaller stores that sell similar items must remain closed?

8.  Authorities say we are in this together, and we need to support one another. Then they post telephone numbers on the news to call in and report if your neighbors are breaking the quarantine. 

9.  The one most important thing we can do to protect ourselves from a virus is not mentioned by authorities in the field- Support your immune system -with things like elderberry, vitamin C, and all the other wonderful herbs and nutrients available. 

10.  Science grows and expands when we openly debate topics. Doctors and scientists from around the world are currently being censored.  Hum …

11. Healthy people are required to wear masks in certain states. This results is less oxygen coming into the body, which lowers your immune response. All breathworkers know that. Since some germs may still get through most masks, this creates a breeding ground for the germs that get trapped behind the mask. 

12. There are approximately 380 trillion viruses, and researchers have found one, COVID 19, that they tell us 95% of people will get over with little or no symptoms.  But that  is scary enough to shut down the entire world. We can tackle the other 379 billion viruses later. The current strategy is to find a way to make people immune to it. Given the fact that we are here today because we have learned to coexist with microbes, should we not learn to cooperate with them? After all, the superbugs that exist today are an example of how smart these little buggers are. We tried to kill them, but they  survived. 

13.  There are 40 trillion bacterial cells, and only 30 human cells. Clearly they outnumber us and they haven’t killed us yet, probably because we need them to survive. Should we be afraid of them too?

14.  My relative in Michigan was excited to have new cable tv installed. The cable guy came and spent about 45 minutes checking things out and told her it would take him another hour to install it. The current guidelines said they couldn’t do appointments over an hour so she didn’t get her cable installed.  I guess I missed the study that showed that the virus becomes dangerous at 61 minutes. 

15.  Why don’t our supposed top health authorities know the difference between an infection and a disease? They use these words interchangeably as if they were the same. 

16. My friend from Michigan was excited to do some house decorating and decided she would change the paint in her bedroom. She went to Home Depot and could buy anything she wanted in the store – EXCEPT PAINT. The aisle was blocked off. The store employees couldn’t explain why they couldn’t sell paint either. So my friend went the next day to Ace hardware and surprisingly they were allowed to sell PAINT! 

17.  A friend of mind went to the dentist. After a through examination he told her she needed a crown on her tooth because it was ready to break. But, that was one procedure that the state guidelines prohibited. Maybe COVID lives deep in the teeth and it gets exposed  when you put on a Crown?????

18.  They tell us 95% of people will easily get over the virus with little or no symptoms, and 5% of the people who are elderly or immune compromised will have difficulty. Why then are we making a vaccine with dangerous side effects for the 95% of the population that is healthy? Wouldn’t it make more sense to figure out a way to boost the immune system for the 5% of the population that is unhealthy? 

19.  Fauci said at a press conference that we should avoid herd immunity. What?? Herd immunity is what causes the virus to die out! In 1930, Dr. AW Hedrich published an observational study using measles data he had collected over 30 years. The author concluded that when 55% or more of children under 15 years of age had experienced natural measles, outbreaks generally stopped because those who were naturally immune interrupted the transmission of the virus. The original concept of “herd immunity” protection” was based on recovery from NATURAL infection.

If none of these things made you scratch your head in wonder, perhaps this will.

20.  In business, you follow the advice of people with a proven track record. Neil Ferguson, from the Imperial College of London was chosen to make  the world  a model for the Corona virus. His model showed  2.2 million people in the U.S. would die. The U.S and other countries based their decisions to lock down on his modeling. His numbers have proven to be way off. He is the same person who did modeling for the Sars virus back in 2005,  and his numbers were way off! 

To top it off, he just resigned. Apparently he was caught breaking the quarantine (which all occurred because of his projections), by allowing his married lover to come over to his home, while he was recovering from Covid. The man who thought the virus was so dangerous that it could kill 2.2 million people in the U.S. wasn’t scared to have a rendezvous vous with his lover, while he was recovering from Covid, which could possibly infect her and her husband. Hum… 

He was asked repeatedly to show the code he used to get the numbers for his models. In addition, his code was not peer reviewed.  He refused for 6 weeks, until this week he resigned and finally released the code. However, the code he released was modified and updated. Scientists who looked at his code have said it was so bad it should be retracted completely. Before destroying economies throughout the world based on one man’s model, should leaders have demanded to see the code he used and insist it be peer reviewed?

Remember how a magician tricks us? Simply by diverting our attention! 

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