2020 The Year Begins with Intensity

January 2020 BLOG


The zodiac sign in focus for this month, and all year, is Capricorn. This Earth sign is interested in productivity and structures that our world works within. Our society is governed by structures, from schools to hospitals, financial institutions, and of course governments. This is a period for us to examine them and decide what we need to do to fix them, or destroy them so something new can be created. 

Personally it is a period of self-development. It is a great time to examine our lives and make any course corrections. We can examine all areas of our lives, including health, business and relationships, and make improvements. It is no coincidence that people feel motivated to make New Years resolutions,  

Both Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn, and will be conjunct on January 12th. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, so we can expect many structures to die, in order to new ones to emerge. 

Pluto is also about power, and so struggles will likely break out as the status quo, as represented by Saturn, attempts to hold on to what it has. Pluto is often disliked because it has been known to take away, or even destroy something that we may desire to have. Therefore, we must keep in mind that Pluto only destroys those things that no longer serve us. In the moment it is often difficult to see how something is standing in the way of our growth, so when Pluto is working in your life, allow yourself time to grieve what you have lost, and know that a deeper reason for the loss will be revealed to you. The mantra to deal with Plutonian forces is “let it go.” Remember, the universe is always working on your behalf. 

Those in power currently may face more scrutiny than ever before, and the “shadow” side of them, and others, may be obvious. There is the potential to expose the wrong doing of many people, as well as continued abuse of power by some. (Pluto is about power). 

Saturn rules time, so it’s an opportunity for us to look at how we use time. There may be a great focus on the paradox of time: the fact that time exists, and yet it is also an illusion. Obviously time is real for us in the world, and it helps us structure our world. We see the passing of day into night and realize that something is marking the change in the seasons, etc. We see time evident in the fact that we grow and change with the passing of time. However, from a metaphysical perspective, time isn’t real. From the quantum level, everything is happening simultaneously at once.

3 big dates this month: 

January 10th – Lunar eclipse in Cancer 

This one is a biggie! The current escalating crisis in the Middle East is no surprise when we look at the planets. We may feel the effects of this eclipse for 6 months, until June. The Sun is conjunct (touching) Mercury, planet of communication, so there will be a focus. However, since the Moon is opposing Saturn and Pluto, there could actually be much repression of free speech and a ton of propaganda imposed  by those in power. Governments will take more control, and tensions will be high. With the Moon opposing (opposite) Mercury, we may find it difficult to express our feelings, and since it also opposes Pluto, we will be dealing with mood swings and conflicts with authority. We will need to do everything in our power to stay positive and optimistic, since Saturn opposes the Moon as well. If you already deal with depression, you may feel it even deeper. 

Lunar eclipses signal endings and completion, so we can look within our family unit, which is connected to the sign of Cancer, and see what we need to complete. 

January 11th – Uranus goes direct: This planet went retrograde on August 12th. Retrograde means the planet slows down, and so the activities and energies related to this planet also slow down. Uranus rules technology, individuality, freedom, new ideas, and flashes of insight. Since August, any areas in your life that have felt stuck may now be freed up. We may all feel an urge for more freedom in our lives, especially any areas where we have felt boxed in. There will probably be some big global events around this date, as energy is suddenly freed up. Whether there is a positive or negative display of energy, we will have to wait and see. Since Uranus is transiting the sign of Taurus now, we may see activity in the financial markets, land, and/or food supply.

January 12th: Saturn conjuncts Pluto. (see above explanation). 



I wanted to share with everyone this holiday event that is a good reminder that we are never alone. 

It was Christmas day and about 18 family had gathered at my mom’s house in Michigan. Everyone was talking, laughing and having a great time. Suddenly my niece noticed her 21 month old daughter was no where to be seen. We quickly began looking around for her, and noticed the door leading down to the basement was open. All the lights were out downstairs as she quickly descended the stairs. There in the middle of the dark room stood her daughter waving her hand. Her mom asked her who she was waving to, she replied in her limited vocabulary, “grandpa.” My father passed away about 9 years ago. The basement was his favorite “man cave” he would go to to work on boating projects. Since she was only 21 months old, she of course never met him. 

We all got chills up our spine with this event, realizing that even those family members that can’t be present with us physically for the holidays, may find a way to join in the festivities in other ways! 



Cardamom is a sweet spice that is a great addition to hot chocolate, muffins and some Indian dishes. The easiest way to get it is ground up into powder and sold in the spice section. 

It has been known to help with gastrointestinal issues such as 

constipation, diarrhea, and reduce over acidity.

It can be used to prevent tooth decay and bad breath due to its ability to destroy bacteria with its antioxidant properties. 

This amazing spice  may help prevent diseases such as cancer due to its antioxidant capabilities. It is a heart healthy spice due to its ability to lower cholesterol. 

Spice up your romance by adding this natural aphrodisiac to your food or diffusing it in the room. 


Recipe:  Here is a delicious glaze you can put over salmon before baking. Combine 1/4 cup maple syrup, 2 teaspoons cardamom, 2 teaspoons paprika, and salt. Cover salmon filets with the glaze and then bake to your liking. 


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