What is up with number 3?

Happy New Year!
Everyone here at Intuitive School  wishes you the best in personal growth for 2019. What’s the Energy in 2019? The energy for this year is a 3. This means that Universally we can expect a lot of social activity, and communication steps up a notch. You’re probably thinking, what, more email? Yes, emails, letters, phone calls, Ted talks, you name it, it’s coming out! So what do you personally want to tell the world?  This is the year to EXPRESS YOURSELF!  Develop your creativity and allow that to be an expression of who you are. And most importantly, HAVE FUN! You may find you are getting invited to many events and parties, so indulge! Each year the energies change, and 2020 will be a year focused on hard work, so take advantage of the social activities this year.In the world we may see a resurgence in the arts. Hopefully schools will see the importance of art and music classes and stop cutting those out of their budgets. We may see more philanthropic dollars aimed toward the arts as well. Governments may be more inclined to TALK! Ambassadors may open the door to more dialogue on sensitive issues that affect all countries. The 3 energy may be able to curb the actions of some social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest who censor and take down sites they feel are “dangerous.” We had a discussion about censorship on a recent Spirits Journey Radio episode – check it out here! One of my favorite alternative health newsletters, Greenmedinfo.com, was recently censored by Pinterest because they posted some information about side effects and ingredients of vaccines. We can learn a lot from Italy about the power of expression. They had a series of protests against forced vaccinations, which led to a study that uncovered foreign substances and heavy metals in some vaccines. Then a political party ran on the platform of ending the forced vaccine program and won. VIVA ITALIA!Express yourself! 

If you want more information about what is in store personally for you in 2019, you definitely want to join me for one of my online Future Predictions classes. You will receive a personal astrology chart and learn what the planetary energies are encouraging you to do. We will also work up a personal 2019 numerology profile! The best way to insure a successful 2019 is to be prepared. In this online 3 hour class I will help you know where the opportunities are for you personally, as well as potential challenges. We will cover everything from the Eclipses, to Retrogrades, New Moons, Transiting planets, and where your karma will be knocking at your door! Click here to sign up for the online class. I will be offering it more than once, and the first LIVE online class is Thursday, January 10th at 6:30 pm CST.I want to prepare for an Awesome 2019!In our last newsletter I wrote about giving experiential gifts for the holidays, rather than more “stuff.” For Christmas we gifted our daughter with a 7 week class in Aerial yoga. I have been curious about this exercise, also known s aerial silks, that has become more prevalent the last several years. At our location they even have a family class on Sundays. If you are looking for something different to do, check out if there are classes near you. If not, here is a link to purchase your own silks so you can hang at home. How cool is that! 

New Year Health Tips
I have heard a lot of people advocating a New Year fast. Although I totally believe in the benefits of fasting and do several a year, I don’t particularly recommend them in the winter. If you live in a cold climate, your body needs the extra fat and fuel during the winter months. Also, according the Chinese Medicine, the winter is a time to build up our body with yin foods. Soups, stews, and high protein foods are good additions to the winter diet. Also, bitter and warming foods such as chicken, lamb, salmon, shrimp, celery, asparagus, quinoa, amaranth, tea and coffee. Yes, I said coffee! I know there is controversy about it, and I think it comes down to your individual constitution. In a recent Spirits Journey show we learned a ton about Chinese seasonal foods from Teresa Padilla. Check out that episode here.
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