Spiritual Gift Giving

Are you stuck wondering what present to give someone? An alternative way to approach gift giving is to choose based on a person’s influences. 

In several of the intuitive paths, the influences are divided up among the 4 elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire. We find this categorization in astrology, palmistry, and Rayid Iris Analysis. 

The zodiac signs

Earth:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Earth signs love practical gifts, so find out what those folks really need. The way to their heart is also through food. Taureans are foodies and love anything that pleases their palette, while picky Virgos would prefer the food to be healthy and organic. Busy Capricorns might enjoy a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they don’t have to worry about preparing a meal after a busy day at work. Earth signs are kinesthetic, so they would a massage gift certificate. Anything that appeals to their senses is a good idea, such as essential oils and an oil diffuser. Earth signs literally like to work with the earth, so how about gardening tools or a small, indoor herb garden? 

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. These intellectual folks would enjoy anything that stimulates their mind, such as books, movie tickets, or a gift certificate to a class. If they are interested in metaphysics, they might enjoy a gift certificate for an astrology reading. 

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. These emotional folks would love to cuddle up with a cozy new blanket and pillow, or a box of their favorite herbal tea. They are sensitive to sound, so a CD of their favorite artist, or a set of wind chimes would be lovely. They usually have an affinity for animals, so you could buy them a pet toy or a special treat like catnip or organic dog treats. 

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. These folks are generous and love to give as well as receive, so don’t hold back on them! Fire signs love experiential gifts, rather than things. Besides, most of us remember experiences, rather than the things we received. Here is a list of some cool experiential gifts for those fire signs in our lives. 

Museum passes, gym memberships, escape room, theater tickets, a trip, camping gear, board games, bowling passes, skating tickets, geo caching, indoor skydiving, pottery studios and wine and dine or paint and sip studios where you enjoy wine while painting a masterpiece! 

Cool Spiritual Gifts: If you are wanting to infuse a little bit of metaphysical musings into your gifts, here are some awesome finds: 

The board game Jonathan Livingston Seagull, zafu pillows for meditation, and Hemi-Sync Alpha Wave music, Himalayan acupressure mat, Homedics relaxation fountain, aromatherapy. Would you like to wear your universe? It is possible with Astrology jewelry from Wanderingstarjewelry.com. They will create a  handmade necklace or bracelet with the planets and zodiac signs in a mathematically correct position, showing their placement at birth. They have several interesting lines of jewelry, such as Destiny line, Custom Horoscope, Sun sign and  Relationship jewelry. Check them out! 

Numerology:  The Personal Month Number for December is a 5.  This number is all about freedom and responsibility. A 5 month opens the door to all sorts of fun and all kinds of experiences. The 5 is about being flexible, and with the holidays and family, we will surely have a place to practice being open and flexible. Our challenge is to stay directed, while enjoying all the social activity and holiday hoopla. For example, if you go to a  party and drink too much, be responsible and don’t drive. When you head out to buy gifts, stay within your budget. 

The 5 is a wild card number that can bring unexpected events. You may receive a surprise holiday party invite, a whirlwind romance, or an unpredicted winter storm. Whatever comes your way, just allow the 5 energy to bring you a flexible mind and you will enjoy the month more fully.  


The motto for this month is Be Flexible! We have 5 planets in mutable signs, signaling the need to go with the flow and change. If holiday plans get changed, don’t worry, be happy! It’s all part of our learning this month. 

December 1-5:  Sun Squares Mars: This transits means there will be more acts of power assertion, especially by men. It’s better not to provoke pole this month, unless you are willing to deal with the consequences. Mars will encourage us to defend our identity, goals and desires. Be firm and stand your ground. A square indicates tension, so plan on doing some physical activities to release this pent up energy. 

December 1-2: Venus opposes Uranus: Uranus will be nudging us to spice up our relationships. We can add some Venusian energy to our romantic encounters by making a special meal for our partner, maybe including some aphrodisiac foods. Try adding some of these to your meal to kick start your sexuality; chocolate, avocado, mace root, asparagus, figs and sweet potatoes. Garlic is known aphrodisiac, and it’s odor can be mitigated by basil, another aphrodisiac. Both oysters and pumpkin seed are high in zinc, which is good for testosterone production in males. Spice up any dessert with cinnamon, ginger, or almonds for added stimulants. 

December 5-6:  Sun Squares Neptune:   You might not feel as energetic as usual and may lack motivation at this time. This square can lead to possible confusion and disappointment, so keep your eyes wide open. What looks like a good deal, may in fact be a sham. This confusion could appear in your personal relationships, at work, or in other business dealings. Neptune will increase our sensitivity to physical things such as drugs and alcohol, so be careful what you ingest. 

December 6-8: Mars conjuncts Neptune: We can channel this energy towards Neptunian areas, such as spirituality, charitable causes, churches and spiritual organizations. 

Be aware of looking at things through rose colored glasses, as Neptune can easily blind us from reality. We may be more at risk for contracting a sexually communicable disease. We can also be more sensitive to alcohol and medications, so it is advisable to use natural remedies that cause no harm, such as homeopathy. We can take advantage of our heightened spiritual sensitivity by meditating and paying attention to our dreams. 

The big event for this month is the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7th. The New Moon is an opportune time to set new intentions and goals. We can align our intentions with Sagittarius by focusing on our spiritual growth, being truthful, and being positive. The power of positivity goes a long way! I recommend Pam Grout’s book E Cubed for some cool experiments that prove the power of positivity. 

Health Tips:  To keep your skin soft and moisturized during the winter months, eat an orange first thing in the morning. Then wait at least 20 minutes before eating anything else. The juice in the orange will do wonders to hydrate your skin. I learned this protocol from a practitioner of Chinese foods. 

If you overeat and indulge in too many sweets and fats, you can take 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water in the morning. This amazing substance can cut fat, and when taken 15 minutes before eating it will enhance your digestion. I recommend Braggs brand. 

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