Uncovering What is Hidden

November, 2018

On October 23rd the Sun entered the sign of Scorpio. This is an opportunity for us to investigate and explore why we are we here, our motivations, and our deepest desires. We can take advantage of the new moon in Scorpio on November 7th. The new moon is an opportunity to put forth our desires and intentions. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto will also be urging us to let go of anything that no longer serves our highest good. This act of surrender can be liberating, as we open up space for those things that will help us move further along our spiritual path. 

We have a little time left before Jupiter finishes up its transit of Scorpio on November 9th. Jupiter has been expanding our awareness of the occult, metaphysics, our shadow side, and anything hidden form our awareness. With the elections on November 6th, we can use this Scorpio energy to deeply investigate the candidates. Scorpio loves to play detective and has excellent perception. They have X-ray vision, allowing them to see to the core of a person. We can use this as we decide on a candidate, using our Scorpio lie detector to see which candidates are telling the truth. 

For those of you born with the Sun in Scorpio, you may feel things slow down, as Jupiter leaves your sign and moves into Sagittarius. Here Jupiter will lead the way for expansion in our spiritual quest.  For the next year and a half, more of us will be inclined to seek out foreign travel and higher studies. We will also feel more optimistic as Sagittarius helps us see the glass half full rather than half empty. 

November 17 Mercury goes retrograde until December 7th. Be prepared for all types of communication slow downs and snafus. To avoid confusing mishaps over who is bringing what to Thanksgiving dinner, be super detailed in all your communications. For those of you traveling, it is best to buy your airline tickets before the 17th as well. The holidays should be even more interesting since Venus goes direct on November 16th, ending a period where its retrograde motion allowed us to go within and reflect on our relationship issues. Whatever things we processed about our family relationships, after the 16th we can act on them. We can say or do things to improve our familial relationships. Metaphysically we choose everything, even our family. So understanding our karmic ties with parents and siblings is key to unlocking our life purpose.

Have you been following the herd mentality for too long? Uranus, the planet that reveals our uniqueness, goes retrograde November 1st through March 7th. This slower movement is an opportunity for us to explore how we can bring our unique essence out into the world. There is so much pressure within society, especially for teens, to conform to the norm. How boring is that!? Not only do we feel better when we follow our inner guidance, but it can be profitable as well. 

For entrepreneurs it is important to find our “sweet spot” – which is what sets us apart from our competitors. In today’s competitive market, we may not last if we blend in with the crowd. If you aren’t sure where your uniqueness lies, consider getting an astrology reading. 

Do you know anyone who is going to be giving birth in the next year or two? Listen up, because the Nodes of the Moon will be changing signs. November 15 until June 4th of 2020 the North Node will move into Cancer, and the South Node will move into Capricorn. The kids being born during this time will have Capricorn roots. They will come into this life having lived many lifetimes of hardship, but through it all they learned endurance, resourcefulness and the basics of how to get along in any type of situation. All the struggles they have been through may have hardened them a bit – so their reputation of putting work before people adds to their cool exterior.  They have carried large burdens and responsibilities and will be born feeling they have to be responsible for everyone and everything. 

The answer to what these new souls need to heal this lifetime is found in the North Node, in the opposite sign of Cancer. These kids need to balance those hard lifetimes with care, nurturing, and compassion. New parents can help their Capricorn South Node kids by practicing gentle discipline, and teaching them how to bring out their emotions productively. Simply letting them know it’s okay to cry will do a ton to help them integrate their Cancer North Node.