The Yoga of Dreaming by Kerry Leigh

By Kerry Leigh

In the Yoga Sutras Patanjali defines what Kriya yoga is right in the first sutra.  This sutra is about the practice of yoga so that we can become the master of our universe!  Many of us are living as unaware victims of our karmic patterns as we entrain them evermore with our emotionality.  The good news is that we have many tools available to us to be able to change and soften this karmic patterning through our sadhana of self-discipline, self-study and conscious attunement to our dreams to expand our awareness.

Do you often ask why certain events happen to you?  Have you considered looking deeper to discover their causality? Even if you get to the how, you can often be at a loss to explain that.  Getting yourself extricated from certain situations is no guarantee that you won’t just repeat the same mistakes again as you have not learned the lessons or done anything differently.  Acknowledging that you are the creator of your life through your thoughts is a huge step in realizing the amazing truth that wow, life can be different!

You spend 1/3rd of your life dreaming.  Becoming aware of the power of your dreams to help you shift from being in a state of just playing out and re-creating your karma day after day through your life experiences is a powerful tool for answering the ‘what can I do’ to change.  I have noticed that I have a theme or pattern that runs through my dreams from year to year, and it is all about developing my will.  I see where my karmic patterns are expressing themselves without much conscious thought on my part in various aspects of my life and through different ways of being in relationship.  It was discouraging at first to realize that what I thought I was, a person going through life making conscious choices, was actually my karmic patterns and energies just expressing themselves.  It’s important to realize that your karmic patterns are not just patterns of actions, but originate in your thought patterns.  It was like I was just going along for the ride not even aware of the destination.

The sadhana or spiritual practice of dream interpretation is the kriya or conscious action that will lead you into an awareness of where you want to go, exactly, to improve your relationships with others and with yourself.  The art of dream interpretation is a kriya that will take you to where you want to be very quickly.

To develop your will, you need develop a real awareness of your whole self.  That means to look at your dreams unemotionally to see the message and momentarily push your ego self to the side.  This is where you begin to really see how the karmic patterns have you functioning as a puppet in the world.  Don’t forget, you are also the creator of your karmic patterns!   As a practitioner of hatha yoga, you are beginning to see your unconscious patterns emerging as you practice your poses ever deeper and expand your awareness of your potential.

Every person, place, event, or thing is a trigger we react to.  A Course in Miracles has a lesson in it that states that ‘I have given everything I see…all the meaning that it has for me.”  Once we recognize our attachment to our ways of thinking and the emotions that we give our thoughts we are truly on the path.

So what is the real dream?  What if you recognized that your dream is a dream and your life is a dream.  Ahh… now you can see every person, place, event or thing in your dreams as a symbol.  You can use your dream awareness to cultivate a dispassionate look not only at your dream symbols but at your waking dream symbols.  I woke one morning a few years ago from a dream, and wrote  at the end of my journal entry “Then I woke up and lay thinking of my dreams and that my life is a dream, and I should translate my life in the Universal Language of Mind for an even better picture of me.  Is this life a type of lucid dream I am creating?” Believe me, I am not the first to have this thought.  A yogi had a dream one night of being a butterfly.  When he awoke that morning, he was in awe and wonderment, still in the feeling state of ‘butterfly’, and said to his wife, am I a man being a butterfly?  Or a butterfly being a man?

Dream interpretation is an important tool in your self study.  Your subconscious mind is always talking to you and telling you how you are doing.  You can begin to use your free will in studying your dreams as a sister practice to your other practices.  May you be blessed on your journey.

The Still Small Voice

By Patrick Andries

Have you ever noticed how your inner guidance is like a quiet whisper while the rest of your thoughts are shouting in your mind? This is an ancient challenge that humans have been facing for thousands of years. Sometimes our inner guidance is referred to as “the still small voice.” When the demands of the modern world are banging at the door of our consciousness, it takes a quiet mind to listen to our inner guidance.

So the question becomes, how exactly do we do that? It takes practice.

We have been given techniques to quiet our minds for thousands of years. These techniques are more important than ever because we are faced with an unprecedented level of distraction. We have global communication devices in our pockets that provide distraction 24/7. The myth of multitasking has become a world-wide epidemic.

The cure, fortunately, is simple. Take some time each day to focus completely on simple tasks. This can be a walk in nature where you focus on the sounds around you instead of the clamoring in your mind. For some it could be doing the dishes, as long as you are completely focused on that task and not going over something else in your mind at the same time. And of course, the age-old cure – meditation. Even taking up a simple practice for five to ten minutes can make a world of difference when you are consistent over time.

The little voice can guide us to our dreams. When your dream becomes being one with your Source – the Creator – then the still small voice can lead you back to that too.

You can get a feel for what is intuition and what is conscious thought by listening to the vibration of the thought. If your thought has a feel like your voice, then it may be a conscious thought related to your physical personality. The reason it is important to identify if it is related to your personality is because your physical personality is temporary. It is a baby compared to the wisdom of your soul. Your intuition, on the other hand, could be coming from the wisdom you have built over lifetimes, it could be coming from guides who are there to help you, or in some cases it could be coming from Divine Source.

Here is an easy practice that you can begin and use several times a day. Take a few minutes to focus on your breath. Our breathing is the most important thing that we do each day. Our bodies can only survive for ten minutes without it! As you breathe in and breathe out focus all of your attention on the breath. If you notice any thoughts like, “I wonder when the new Riverdale episodes will be on Netflix?” then let that thought go and bring your attention back gently, but firmly, to your breath. You will find that over time your mind will become quiet. Your intuition can then slip in during those quiet moments.

One of the most powerful realizations that we can have is the realization that we can choose which thoughts we give our attention to. We are not slaves to our thoughts. We are not born slaves to our minds. With proper training we can become masters of our minds instead of slaves to our habits and past thinking.

One of the first things that you may experience as you start this practice is that your conscious mind begins to rebel against you. If this happens to you, don’t worry. You’re in good company. Just keep calm and carry on as you continue to work to develop mastery of your attention. Your conscious mind may fight to stay in control at first as you begin the journey of taking back the power of your birthright.

Directing our mind is a lot like riding a horse. Our conscious minds kind of have a mind of their own. It is built on years of our past thoughts combined with the thoughts of others in our lives. Every time you take on someone else’s thinking or you form a belief of your own, you are shaping your mind. You will find over time, however, that your mind will bend to your intention. Your attention will come under your control like a great steed that is awaiting your command.

This is a natural process and a natural part of having a body in the physical world. We have not done anything wrong. At the same time, it is very much to our benefit to monitor our thinking and weed out any thoughts that are not productive for us while giving a generous amount of water and fertilizer to those that serve us well. Our inner guidance is our friend and teacher. As we learn to enter the quiet stillness each day, we will be showered with an abundance of direction and confirmation that we are indeed spiritual beings of eternal energy having a little sojourn in this physical reality we call life.

What are your thoughts? Please share your experiences with us.

October Astrology and Health


As the warmth of summer fades, I notice I am spending more time inside, both literally and figuratively. You may have been feeling this also. If you haven’t, you will soon as some of the planetary energies are encouraging an inward journey. 

The main astrological event that will usher us into a more contemplative mindset is Venus going retrograde on October 5 – November 16. When a planet goes retrograde, it slows down, so much so that it appears to be moving backward, since it’s motion is so much slower in comparison to the other planets. When a planet goes retrograde, it is an opportunity to go within and process the issues related to that planet.

Venus governs love, beauty, relationships, harmony, creativity, balance, and appreciation. During this retrograde period, we can contemplate our relationships. Is there someone we have been avoiding, or someone we need to make amends with? It is also a good time to reconnect with ourselves and show some self appreciation. Have you been putting off getting that massage? Maybe we need to buy something nice for ourselves, or redecorate our bedroom to make it more cozy. Rather than jumping out to start a new relationship, it is more appropriate during this time to focus and deepen our understanding of our existing relationships. Considering the importance of love and harmony, and the fact that Venus only goes retrograde every couple of years, it is quite a significant event. 

We can get more specific on the meaning of this retrograde by examining the sign that Venus is retrograding in. Venus is in Scorpio until October 30, and then enters Libra.  Wherever you have Libra and Scorpio on your chart is the area you can focus on. The Scorpio influence brings in the need to examine our finances and our attitudes about money. If you’re like me and not as organized with your finances as you would like to be, maybe it’s time to consider a software to help you stay more organized. I am considering using Quickbooks to be more organized and to avoid the frenzy at tax time as I gather all my information. It’s also a good time to review our jointly held finances and assess what is working and what is not working. Scorpio loves to investigate and discover, so it is the perfect opportunity to reconcile your bank statements and find any errors. 

When Venus enters Libra, the sign it naturally rules, we will have the opportunity to explore the karma we have created with individuals in our life.  Karma is relieved through understanding, so we can avoid a lot of pain and suffering if we process and understand the bonds we have formed with others. If you are confused, you might consider an Astrological Synastry Reading, which compares your astrology chart with another person. It reveals how the planets are interacting and how to best deal with tensions and disagreements. Likewise, we can see what is needed to keep the romance sizzling in our intimate partnerships. 

When Venus goes direct on November 16 it will be time to take action on the issues we have been reflecting upon. 

On October 8 we have a new Moon in Libra. A new moon is the opportunity to start fresh, set goals, and envision our dreams becoming reality. With the influence of Libra, it is encouraging us to set goals regarding our relationships with others and ourselves. Maybe we set a goal to go to the gym twice and week and get a massage once a month. If you have been neglecting your partner, you could set a goal of one date night a week. You can look at the house where Libra resides to get further clarification as to what goals to focus upon. 

I realize I have been negligent about taking care of myself, particularly my lower back. I tried a new therapy called Tuina acupuncture. I was pleasantly surprised. It was the most amazing therapy I have ever experienced! My back has never felt better, and I felt like I released years worth of strain and pain in my back. For those who live in Kansas City, check out Dr. Xiao at

ACTION INCENTIVE: If you send us an email and let us know where you plan to tack action this month in the areas of Venus that I discussed, we will choose one person from the respondents and offer a discounted service or a special metaphysical freebie!

Healthy Tips: With colder weather approaching, a hot cup of coffee sounds delicious. However, the high amount of caffeine can be over stimulating. There is a drink called Mushroom Coffee Mix with Lion’s Mane and Chaga from Four Sigmatic. The Chaga boosts immunity and Lions Mane helps with mental clarity. No icky mushroom taste either! 

Pumpkin is a wonderful healthy food, especially for the stomach, so indulge in this smoothie! 

It’s pumpkin time. Try this delicious pumpkin smoothie: 

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

(1 large serving)

1 cup unsweetened pumpkin puree
 1 frozen banana

1/2-1 cup unsweetened almond milk, or other dairy-free milk

1 scoop unflavored (or vanilla) protein powder* – optional

2-3 TBSP agave or maple syrup, to taste

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

1/8 tsp. ginger

Small pinch of cloves

Small pinch of salt

Ice – optional

September Astrology

Powerful Astrology in September 

Uranus left Aries and entered the sign of Taurus on May 15th. This means a new focus on the Earth! Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected events. 

Uranus definitely brought a surprise event in August, when Monsanto lost the first major court case brought against it regarding their toxic herbicide RoundUp. The court found that glyphosate, the main ingredient in the weed killer, was responsible for the cancer contracted by a school worker who sprayed it on the school grounds every summer. It was hard to believe that this giant corporation was finally brought to justice after polluting the earth for so many years. Thank you Uranus for upsetting this unethical corporation. 

Another big event that will help with cleansing both our bodies and the earth, is the New Moon in Virgo on September 9th. Since the New Moon is a good time to put forth intentions, and Virgos love purity, we can include things like doing a juice fast or other body cleanse. Virgo reminds us of the need to be of service to others, so we may find a way to share our talents to help another person. 

There are 7 planets in Earth signs and 3 planets in Water signs this month. Mother nature is definitely showering us with water, as hurricanes are occurring throughout different parts of the world. The 7 planets in Earth signs may be linked to the revelation in the news that glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp, was found in dozens of food products including cheerios, oatmeal, crackers, Doritos, and the list goes on. The Earth is tired and it’s shouting back. 

We can take advantage of the grand trine in Earth signs this month by visualizing our desires coming to fruition. Earth helps us ground ourselves and bring our ideas into reality. So take out those vision boards and let the work begin! The fact that Mercury and Mars are now direct will also help move the energy in all areas of our lives. 

Meanwhile, Uranus opposes Venus. This can bring unexpected romantic love. Boring relationships will get a kick in the butt from Uranus to spice things up, have some fun and get out of boring routines. It’s a good time to take a weekend getaway with your partner and have a new adventure. 

I will focus on predictions for Earth signs this month since they are highly charged with activity. 


September 6th, Mercury is posited in the 5th house, along with the Sun. This is a fun month for you! The 5th house reminds practical Taurus to have some adventure and get away from work to enjoy life. If you have children, find time to engage in some creative endeavors together. The 5th house also may stir you to start that business you have dreamed about. Entrepreneurs already in business may find a new product or strategy to increase their sales. The New Moon on September 9th will be in your 5th house as well. Use the Moon energy to set intentions for yourself. 

September 10th brings Venus moving into your 7th house of partnership and marriage. This is a good time to forge deeper relationships with those special people in your life. 

Mars moves into your 10th house of career on the 11th. Taureans love to be productive, so this Mars energy will ignite you even more. Be careful not to overdo it, while still gaining an advantage over your competitors.  

The month closes with the full Moon in your 12th house, pulling you inward. You would be wise to explore your inner realms by meditating, interpreting your dreams, and making time for quiet reflection time. 


Your ruler Mercury is posited in the first house, alongside the Sun. Service oriented Virgos would do well to spend some time on themselves for a change, and indulge in some self-development. The New Moon on the 9th also takes place the 1st house, signaling a new beginning. Think about what you really in life, and set those intentions! 

The planet Venus in your second house of money may entice practical Virgos to actually be frivolous with your money. It can also signal good financial prospects for you. On September 10th Venus moves into the 3rd house, next to Jupiter, putting the emphasis on all forms of communication. Since communication is second nature to you Virgos,  thanks to your ruler Mercury, this is a good time to begin or finish writing a book, or simply speak out! 

Work oriented Virgos will enjoy Mars moving through your 6th house of work and service. This is an opportunity to get in some extra exercise, and do some volunteer work. Just don’t overwork yourself! 

September 22nd the Sun moves into the balancing sign of Libra in your second house. This is a good time to balance your checkbook, and focus on ways to work smarter, not harder. Libra reminds us of the need for balance in all areas of life, and for you Virgo, that especially means in your work life. 

Opposite the 2nd house is the 8th house, where the Full Moon will occur on the 24th. Now you can focus on joint finances, rather than just your own money matters. You may also be inclined to delve into some spiritual study. 


The 9th house of mind expansion, foreign travel and spiritual study is highlighted for you this month. The planet Mercury and the Sun are in your 9th house, along with the new Moon on the 9th. This signals a possible trip, interaction with foreigners, learning and teaching opportunities. 

September 10th Venus and Jupiter are in your 11th house, bringing into focus old and new friends, and a potential widening of your social groups. The idea of life purpose will be strong, and so it’s a good time to seek out like minded individuals and groups. 

Mars moves into your 2nd house on the 11th, prompting you to perhaps overspend, or take measures to earn more money. You worker bees of the zodiac knows how to be productive, so think about working harder, not smarter. 

On the 22nd of the month the Sun moves into the 10th house, bringing your career into focus. Work oriented Capricorns will enjoy the extra momentum in their career house, allowing them to gain more authority and possible advancement. 

The month closes out with the full Moon in the 4th house, opposing your Sun in the 10th. You will feel some tension until you balance the demands you face at work and home. A festering issue with a family member may come to a head with the full Moon. 

How have we at Intuitive School and Discover Your Life Purpose taken advantage of the plentiful Earth energies this month? We accepted the offer to be part of a new radio platform, Oneness Radio! This new station will be launching soon, so watch for upcoming details.  Our sixty minute show “Spirits Journey” will air Sundays at 6 pm Pacific time, 8 pm Central. The first half of the show will be in English, and the second half will be in Spanish. We will explore all types of metaphysical topics on this journey into the realm beyond the physical. 

See you on the inside! 

Patrick and Kathryn Andries