The School of Intuitive Arts and Sciences is a school dedicated to teaching the Universal Laws and Metaphysical principals which govern our universe. The School  was created to  promote wellness and the development of the mind and body by addressing all levels of our being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Our goal is to offer the most comprehensive curriculum, offering our students a wide perspective on metaphysics.

We believe that if you understand how to use the Universal Laws and your mind, you can create anything you desire. We have 4 avenues to help you create the life you desire. 

Are you interested in a Spiritual Study ProgramClick here to learn about our Spiritual Mastery Programs. 




Are you seeking guidance in the areas of relationships, health, career, and general life direction? Click here to learn about our Intuitive Readings. 



Curious about the meaning of your dreams? Click here to learn about our Dream Interpretation Services. 



Do you want to find your Life Purpose? Click here to learn about our Life Purpose Coaching.



Our Philosophy
We believe that everyone has unlimited potential. In order to tap this potential, we must develop all four dimensions of our being: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. Our classes give attention to each of these levels, since each level affects the other levels. For example, if our physical body is sick, how can we meditate? If our emotions are blocked, how can we see clearly? Our course in Spiritual Mastery speaks to each level of our being, so that we are awakened to many parts of ourselves we never knew before. This process of growth is unique and special to each individual. At times this process can be challenging, so support and guidance is offered along the way. The group format allows you to grow along with other like-minded individuals.

We believe that progress comes from daily spiritual practices, so exercises are an integral part of our course. We also assign outside reading to reinforce the topics covered in class. Proficiency is attainable when we first build a strong foundation. Therefore, our classes are taught in a sequential format, each one building upon the next. When a student completes the Spiritual Mastery Series level one, they can begin taking Spiritual Mastery Series level two classes.